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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Affordable / Cheap Christmas gift ideas

Are there any affordable Christmas gift ideas? How can I give the best Christmas gift without spending a lot of money? What are some cheap but romantic Christmas gift ideas?

So many of us may find ourselves asking these questions as Christmas day draws closer.
Romantic Christmas Pictures

Christmas comes around but once a year and when it does we really want to make a lasting impression. There is nothing quite like getting an amazing gift and feeling horrible that you didn't put enough effort, time or thought into the one you're about to give.
Provided is a list of affordable Christmas gift ideas for your loved one. You don't need to spend tons of money when it comes to Christmas gifts. Its known world-wide that Christmas is a time for giving and sharing and that when it comes to Christmas; goodness, the thought and what's in the heart matters most.

Affordable Christmas gifts

cute teddy
A teddy with your scent

Teddies take the top spot when it comes to romance no matter the occasion (Valentine’s Day, birthdays or even Christmas). If you haven't yet given your boyfriend/girlfriend a teddy of any size, now would be as good a time as ever.
In order to make the gift more romantic it would be a great idea to take a little of your deodorant/cologne or perfume and spray or dab a little onto the teddy. In this way the teddy will have a lasting fragrance of you as part of it and your loved one can think of you whenever he/she holds it close.

A Framed Christmas pic

Next time you're out during this festive period why not take a picture as a couple near a Christmassy background, with Santa Clause, in the snow or near a Christmas tree.

Christmas couple
Take a picture anywhere Christmas-like and hold onto it. Get it framed (most frames don't cost that much) and you'll definitely have a great gift which won't cost that much.
If you'd like the gift to be even more meaningful you could make a frame yourself. Grab some cardboard or wood and get creative. Your boyfriend/girlfriend will appreciate the gift 10 times more and you'll spend even less money if you're running a little low on finances.
Alternatively you could get the picture blown out really big. This is also not all that costly and will definitely go down as one of the best Christmas gifts ever.

A new year Calendar 

Another amazing and yet affordable gift is the New Year calendar.
The aim of this gift is to demonstrate the fact that you plan on being with your boyfriend/girlfriend throughout the New Year which is a very romantic gift in itself. It's like promising to stay together without even saying anything.
You do this by using pictures of the two of you which are cute, romantic or mean a lot to you.
Depending on your budget this can be done in many ways. It's all a case of making the gift work according to your finances. I will list the ways below.

1. You can make a flap calendar by using 13 pictures (12 for each month and 1 for the calendar cover) and then merely pasting a calendar on it through Microsoft word.

On your front cover you can leave a special message e.g.: Merry Christmas, I look forward to spending the New Year (and many other years thereafter) with you. Or Christmas is a time for giving and this Christmas I give my heart to you...
Words (when you mean them) can last a whole lot longer than material gifts so say what you mean and your boyfriend/girlfriend will truly cherish the gift you give him/her.

Depending on your finances you could make this gift more durable by binding it and laminating it so that it's protected from dirt/dust, etc.

2. A one page calendar could be made by featuring all 12 months on one page. You could decide to do everything on Microsoft word or you could do it on paper.

Christmas at the fireplace
Either way you decide to do it, you could use one picture as a background for the whole calendar or make a picture collage as a frame for the calendar.
You could also decide on making the calendar the usual a4 size or going bigger more towards a poster size.
Another idea would be to get an already made poster calendar and stick pictures around it or a big sheet of paper and cut out the calendar months from an already made calendar and play around with sticking them and different pictures on the sheet of paper.

Be creative! Your partner will appreciate each and every piece of effort you put into the gift.

The gift of time 

One of the most beautiful things about Christmas is love and time spent together. If you don't usually spend Christmas together why not do so or if you usually don't do anything Christmassy do it! Feel the festive period and use that as your gift to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Have a picnic (in the sun or the snow) and give each other gifts from the heart.
Romance at Christmas - 'Carols by Candelight'
Visit a 'Carols by Candelight' near you or any other Christmas like show or concert. Get into the Christmas spirit together!

Gifts from the Heart

Finally you could give the best gift ever without spending anything.
Love Vouchers
Think out of the box and give your girlfriend/boyfriend a gift from the heart. Remember, gifts from the heart only really mean anything if you mean it.

You could make little vouchers and give them to your partner.

Make some of your vouchers extra romantic or spicy such as 'This voucher entitles you to a romantic massage', 'an endless supply of kisses' or ' a romantic picnic for two.'Go onto a site like http://www.romancestuck.com/love-coupons.htm or be creative and make your own.
The vouchers could also be promises you make or little things you plan on doing for your partner throughout the year. They could be once off (such as I promise to walk your dog for a week / do your English homework for a month / make you lunch for work for 2 months, etc.) or they could be permanent (such as I promise to love you forever, to never hurt you, to tell you i love you every day of my life, etc.). You could even mix them up (some permanent and some temporary. Have fun and be unique!

Gift tips:

You could mix many of the gift ideas here (give your partner vouchers and a calendar or mix one of the gifts with something you bought - a t-shirt and vouchers / an mp3 player and a calendar / a picnic and a teddy or vouchers).

You could also discuss Christmas Day in advance with your partner. Why not suggest to him/her that you each spend a certain amount (under 10, 50 or 100, etc.) on Christmas this year just to see how creative you both can be. This will allow you both to see with your hearts and to put tons of effort and thought into the gifts.

Don't ever forget the reason behind the season!!! - "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

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