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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Important first date tips

Before a first date you might find yourself frantically searching for answers: Are there any first date tips I should remember? What is the most important thing to remember on a first date? How do I make sure that I will get a second date out of this?
So many things may flood your mind as you draw closer to your date and the panic starts setting in.

First dates can be highly memorable for either having gone extremely well or having failed completely.  There are a lot of things to keep in mind when going on that first date with someone but they can all be summed up to a few very important points never to be forgotten.

Top 5 tips for first dates


There is nothing worse then someone who is late for a very first date. Not only does it seem like he/she might be standing you up (may not come) but it is also a bad portrayal of what it may be like having a relationship with the person. If you're late for your first date, it might leave your date thinking: If I date this person will he/she be late all the time? Is this how much he/she values their time with me?

It’s better to be right on time or a few minutes early (especially if you’re the guy) then to be a few minutes late.


No matter how over used this may seem it is extremely important to be yourself. The main reason for this is maintenance. If you’re gonna have to pretend to be someone else in order to guarantee yourself a second date or successful shot at a relationship that would mean that you’d have to maintain that front in order to stay with that person or else you’re not the person they thought you were.
Besides, who seriously wants to start a brand new relationship based on a lie?


This is another obvious tip. You need to think about it this way, if all else fails and you never make it to a second date, wouldn’t you at least like to say that you had a good time and enjoyed that meal, movie or concert?  Let everything else that comes out of the date be a bonus and a second date will be almost guaranteed to follow.


     Similarly to having fun is being fun. No one would like to spend any more time with someone who seems boring or stuck up. Try to be friendly and good company.

    It’s obvious that you will be nervous (he/she probably is too) but you’re gonna need to loosen up to make both of you feel more comfortable with each other.

    Don’t be overly serious as this is easily interpreted as being boring. Remember, if you’re fun you’ll have fun and that’s always a good thing.


There is a big difference between being confident and being arrogant.
You need to keep this in mind. Everybody loves a confident person but nobody like someone who is over confident or arrogant.

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Good Luck!

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