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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top First Date Tips

If you've read the first 5 'important first date tips' then you're halfway to the perfect first date.

If you've been wondering: How can I guarentee a second date? What should i wear on a first date? How do I know if he or she finds interest in me or has feelings for me on the first date?
or anything else with regards to first dates then you really need to read on.

You can read the first 5 first date tips here or first date ideas here.

Top first date tips

Beautiful girl smiling

A smile is one of the warmest things on earth. 
It can melt away any uncertainty, build confidence and ultimately liven any date. If you smile more often you’ll allow your date to know that you’re having a good time with him/her or assure him/her if he/she’s uncertain.


Dressing for a date is a lot more important than you might think.
- Find out in advance what exactly you’ll be doing on your date and dress accordingly. 
You don’t want to come across as overly dressed to a picnic or under dressed to a fancy restaurant. 
You would also hate to be wearing the wrong shoes to a mountain hike or outdoor activities so be sure to know exactly what you’re date will hold.

- Dress like a lady / gentleman.
Don’t dress too revealing if you’re a girl. There is a thin line between sexy and trashy. You don’t want to cross this line ESPECIALLY on the first date. 
Remember, first impressions count and are lasting. You tell people how to treat you and by dressing the wrong way you will leave the wrong message and could go from being girlfriend material to being girl on the side material.


Even if you’re on the date and realise that you’re not really interested in the other person or wouldn’t like to pursue a second date be happy to be there at that moment. This will make you a better person and will allow both of you to at least enjoy yourselves for the duration of the date. Remember, being beautiful on the inside is just as important as being beautiful on the outside.


This is something everyone should do on a first date in order prevent heartache or misery if more dates or a longer lasting relationship is to come from the first date.

Couple on a date
- You’re both likely to be nervous during this date especially at the beginning of it and when being nervous you’re likely to be completely honest and can easily be court off guard. Why not use this to your advantage? 
Find out as much about your date as you possibly can. If your date is nervous you'll be able to tell whether he or she is lying when answering simple questions.

- Unless you’re looking to be the other woman/man you might want to look out for signs that say that he/she might be in another relationship or not completely over his/her ex.
§  Is there a wedding ring or ring mark?
§  Does he/she constantly bring up or almost bring up someone’s name?
§  Does he/she speak about their ex a lot?
§  Did he/she say that they were single?


- At the end of the date, no matter how it went (good or bad) thank the other person for spending time with you. It will make you look like more of a sweetheart. 
Tell him/her that you enjoyed yourself.

- If you’d like another date feel free to say something like “hope to keep in contact” or “hope to hear from you soon” if you’re a girl or “Can I call you?” or “I’ll call you” if you’re a guy.

Keep in mind that if you say you’re gonna call or text do it! There is nothing worse then someone who chooses to go around getting someone’s hopes up for the fun of it. If you wouldn’t like another date, don’t pretend you would.

Dates are meant to be fun! For some creative, romantic and affordable date ideas read the book below. It's highly informative.

300 Creative Dates (as seen on Oprah) - Now only $27

Remember, dates are different for everyone. The important thing to remember is that if it doesn’t work out with one person there are lots of other people who are likely to be better suited for you.

Have fun and good luck!

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