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Monday, February 13, 2012

Short romantic love poems: Valentine's Day Love poems / Anniversary Love Poems

Are there any short and sweet love poems? What romantic love poems could I include in my love letter?

If you're looking for short love poems, you're at the right place. This article is filled with short love poems for love letters, Valentine's day cards or letters, Anniversary cards or letters or just for reciting to the one you love.

being serenaded
Love poems: I love you

 - It's hard to say the words i mean most. The words I want most to say.
It's hard to express my feelings. I try more and more each day.
I wish that you'd believe me when I tell you that my feelings are true.
No matter where life takes me, I can't be without you.

- No matter what happens next or where we may somehow be,
Just know that I will always be with you, you will always belong to me.
My heart is yours, my mind and soul, my every heart beat too.
No matter what the future holds, I will always love you.

looking into each others eyes
Love poems: I'll always be there for you

- You're never alone just know that. I'm always gonna be right here.
I'm always gonna hold your hand through everything. I'm always gonna dry each tear.
I'm never gonna let anyone hurt you. Take each word as true.
I've got your back, I'm by your side. I'll always fight for you.

Love poems: You're beautiful

- Your eyes sparkle like diamonds and shine like the sun to me.
You heart is so pure, I see through to your soul.
You have the sweetest kisses.
Your presence makes me whole.

Finding comfort in each other
- Your arms are so warm when you hold me, your kisses the sweetest yet.
You're the most beautiful on the inside and out, this is as good as it gets.
Don't want to ever be without your beauty just want you around me always.
What would life be like without you to brighten up my days?

Love poems: I only want to be with you

- No other girl/guy comes close to you. No other girl/guy will do.
No matter who would look my way, I only want to be with you.
No matter what anyone else might tell you. No matter what they say.
You're the only one i want to be with starting from today.

romantic walks on the beach
Love poems: I want to be with you forever

- Every moment that I spend with you is never enough for me
I constantly need a little more time. With you's where I need to be.
If i could freeze the time with you I would untill the end of time
It's coz i need to be with you forever, i'm so glad that you mine.

- Can I hold you in my arms forever and never let you go?
Can i shout your name on mountain tops for all the world to know?
Can I stay with you forever through everything we do?
No matter how the world may change, Jessy (insert nick name) can I keep you?

Love poems are beautiful. All they take is a little thought, a little creativity and A LOT of love.
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