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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet/Romantic Birthday gifts for exes

Are there any cute or sweet Birthday gift ideas for my ex boyfriend/girlfriend? What can I get my ex for his/her birthday?

If you'd like to get your ex a gift for his/her birthday but are not entirely sure what to get, this is the perfect article for you. This post is filled with ideas on sweet birthday gifts for exes.

Personalize a Teddy for your boyfriend/girlfriend
Personalised Teddy
The personalised teddy is the perfect gift due to the fact that it can be completely customised according to your current relationship and past one. For only $18 you can customise  an adorable teddy by printing a message on its chest or t-shirt. You could say anything appropriate to your relationship from "Happy Birthday My favourite Ex bf/gf", "I'll always have a place for you in my heart", "You're still my number 1", or "You'll always be special" to "I'm glad to still have you in my life" or your initials.
This great customisable gift allows you to speak from the heart and give your ex a perfect gift (click here).

A beautiful memory chest
An incredibly sweet and romantic gift to give your ex would be a memory chest. This doesn't need to be expensive and you can spend as much as you can afford on it for decorating, etc. All you need to do is be creative.

Write down all the good memories or memorable events you shared as a couple: romantic dates, first kiss, favourite movies, favourite songs etc and put it all together in a box or chest.
Decorate an old box or buy a chest like box and use it.
The important thing is to find a way to show your ex that you still remember the important things and all the happiness you shared in the relationship you had.

To sweeten this gift even more, fill the box with reasons why he/she is such a great person and throw in some of his/her favourite chocolates or sweets.

Personalised photo frame
Another perfect exboyfriend/exgirlfriend gift.

A personalised frame gives you the opportunity to mix the past (a picture) with the present (a personalised message) into one beautiful gift. Similar to the teddy, the frames can be customised with a personal message of your choice . You could say anything appropriate like "Happy Birthday *nickname you used to call him/her*", "Some thing's can never be forgotten", or anything else you'd like your ex to know and remember.

                                                             Retail Price: $36.99
                                                              You Save: $10.00

This gift would really be perfect for an ex and can be kept forever. It will let your ex know that no matter what went wrong between the two of you or why things ended, you shared many good times and happy memories and the photo in the frame represents just one of them.

Chocolates and teddies
If you're not sure what to get your ex you can always resort to the good old fashioned chocolates or teddies. These are always a winning combination. In order to make the gift more personalised include a card or a love letter expressing your feelings to your ex (read love letter writing tips here). Whether you still love your ex or are all for just being friends a letter or a card is the perfect way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in your own words. Tell him/her how much he/she means to you and why. Who knows what might happen. If anything, you will be able to make your ex feel completely special on his/her birthday

                                                             Retail Price: $49.99
                                                              You Save: $10.00 

Love is one thing you can never get rid of. Once you develop feelings for someone in most cases they're there forever. Whether you and your ex can work things out is irrelevant. If you care enough for him/her to consider getting him/her a gift then he/she must mean a lot to you. Let him/her know!

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