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Saturday, March 3, 2012

'Should we break up' quiz

'Should we break up' Quiz

Should I break up with my boyfriend? Should I break up with my girlfriend? Should we end our relationship? Is our relationship coming to an end?

If any of these questions cross your mind, it's clear that you have doubts with regards to the stability of your relationship (probably with good reason). This quiz will help you decide whether or not you should break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or end the relationship you're in.
Please note, this quiz is just there to help you decide and not to make a decision for you. Use this quiz in conjunction to your own opinion and judgement and not in place of it.

  1. Are you currently happy in the relationship?

  2. Yes

  3. Do you love him/her?

  4. Yes
    No / no we just started dating
    No not anymore

  5. Has he/she ever cheated or do you suspect him/her of cheating?

  6. Yes he/she has
    I think he/she has

  7. Have you cheated?

  8. No
    I was with someone else when we were separated

  9. Is there someone else you feel you might be better suited for?

  10. Yes i have feelings for another guy/girl
    Yes I feel like there has to be someone better for me out there
    No there is no one else that i have feelings for right now

  11. Has he/she changed from the beginning of the relationship to now?

  12. No he/she's still the same
    Yes he/she seems bored
    Yes i don't think he/she feels the same anymore

  13. Have you changed from the beginning of the relationship to now?

  14. Yes i don't feel the same way about him/she or us anymore
    No I'm still the same
    Yes I feel bored

  15. Have you broken up before?

  16. No
    No we separated
    Yes we have

  17. How often do you fight?

  18. Everyday
    Once or twice a week
    We hardly ever fight

  19. Imagine you're not together anymore and you see him/her with someone else. You'd...

  20. Be very upset
    Be happy for them
    Be okay cause you'd be with someone else too
Remember, you alone know whether or no your relationship needs to end.
The closer you are to 100 in the test score the more it seems you should end the relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend. he closer you are to 0 the more you should try and work things out.
Follow the 'give me more' link at the end of the quiz for information on how to decide if you should stay together or break up.
Good luck!
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