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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet, affordable and unique Mother's Day Gifts

What should I get my mother for Mothers' day? Are there any affordable but unique and sweet gifts I could get my mother for Mother's day? What are some sweet and affordable mothers' day gifts and gift ideas?
Like Mother Like Daughter

Mother's day will be here soon and as it draws nearer and nearer we find ourselves pondering these questions. A mother is an important part of any ones life. She is there when no one else often is; she comforts us, protects us, keeps us safe and sometimes has single handedly raised and cared for us.

This article contains many affordable, sweet and unique mothers day gifts for that really special lady in your life.

Half heart key rings

If you're looking for a gift that will show your mother that you're part of each other (which you really are) then this gift says it all.
A half heart charm that can be worn on a necklace, bracelet or as a key ring is a gift sure to allow your mom to know how special she is to you even when you're not around anymore. Whether you're going away to college, working in another state or country or moving out soon, this gift will also allow your mom to see that you're still close at heart.
                                                     Retail Price: $37.13
                                                       You Save: $10.00

Mother/ daughter or mother/son matching tattoos

Mother and Daughter matching tattoos
There can be no better way to show your mother that you're always gonna value and treasure her no matter what then by getting matching tattoos. The idea of getting a matching mother/child tattoo is sweet and unique as you can plan and design you're own tattoos together (making it completely unique) or choose something that is valuable and means something to the both of you (a particular symbol or sign, zodiac signs, or birth dates). You could also incorporate a special message into your tattoo design or have a message or word used as a tattoo design. Think about messages such as: like mother (tattooed on you) - like daughter / like son (tattooed on your mother).

For matching mother/child tattoo ideas read here...

Personalized frame

Another great way of showing your mom how much you love her is by helping her to remember that love for her always. By getting a personalised frame you can allow your mom to have a visual reminder of pleasant memories you've shared together and the love you have for her.

What makes personalised frames a great catch is the fact that besides being able to place a visual reminder ( a photo of a great memory) in it, you can also leave a text reminder. You can have any message you like printed on the frame (a special date, "i will always love you", "I learnt all i know from you", " you're my number one girl" etc)

Retail Price: $36.99
You Save: $10.00

Mother and Son
Personalized picture charm

This is one of the best memory gifts around. You can use this gift in one of two ways: collect a lot of pictures symbolising precious memories shared by you and your mother and have them made small enough to fit into this really beautiful charm bracelet, or if you're one of siblings get your brother (s) and/or sister(s) to get the gift with you and collect pictures of you all together, individually, with your mom, etc.

No matter how you decide to go about personalising this gift the important part is that will be a beautiful reminder of your love for your mom. It's something she can wear around proudly and constantly be reminded of your love for her. Parents love talking about their kids and by getting her this gift she'll be more than happy to show everyone she comes in contact with your picture too.

Retail Price: $99.99
You Save: $10.00

A personalised / religious bookmark

If you're looking for a very affordable and cheap gift that can still be personalised and valuable look no further.
This gift is self explanatory.

Retail Price: $23.49
You Save: $10.00

Gift baskets

If all else fails and you're not sure what to get your mother or are doing last minute shopping, a gift basket is always a winning choice. Whether it's filled with chocolates and sweets or bubble baths and soaps no mother can ever turn down a great gift basket. 

This beautiful spa gift basket is definitely one your mother will love. It's filled with candles, soaps and therapeutic goodies that will allow her to relax and unwind especially if you know that she works really hard, is constantly busy or could just do with a time out. Spoil your mom for a change.

Retail Price: $57.99
You Save: $10.00

Mothers day is one day out of the year that is specially allocated to our mothers'. They have been there for us everyday of every year so one day is definitely not enough. Lets show them how much we love and care for them every day. They deserve it. 
Make mother's day special for your mom but show her your love all year through.

***Happy Mothers day to my mom! 
      Love you lots mommy!!! 
Me ***
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