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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interracial / intercultural relationships : What are interracial / intercultural / mixed relationships

What are interracial relationships? What are intercultural relationships? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being in a intercultural/interracial relationship? What are the problems faced by interracial/intercultural couples or relationships?

White girl / black guy: Interracial relationships
If any of these questions have crossed your mind or you're in a mixed relationship then you definitely can't miss this post.

This article is likely to be the answer to most (if not all) of your questions regarding any form of mixed relationship. If there is any anything you feel you would like to know or would like to know more on please contact me or comment below the post.

What are interracial / intercultural / mixed relationships?

Interracial relationships and intercultural relationships are very similar in many aspects and are often connected or used interchangeably.

An interracial relationship is meant to refer to a relationship where you're from different racial backgrounds. In other words if you're not the same race as your partner (he/she's black, white, Indian, Chinese, Latin etc and you're not) then you're in an interracial relationship. By definition interracial is distinctly based on race.

Interracial Relationship: Colored girl and Black guy
In countries like South Africa where colored and black are two different races, a colored and black person in a relationship would be considered an interracial relationship too. This is in contrast to American countries where African American or black people are considered one race - colored and black is not necessarily two different races but one race: African American.

An intercultural relationship similarly to interracial relationships refers to a relationship where two people are from completely different backgrounds. The difference however is that an intercultural relationship refers to people from different cultural backgrounds in contrast to interracial relationships which are based on race specifically.

Interracial relationship: White guy and Indian girl
The reason why they can be said to be linked is simple. If you're in an interracial relationship chances are you're in a intercultural relationship as well due to the fact that most races have different cultures. Similarly if your in an intercultural relationship you're likely to be in an interracial relationship as well.

It could also be a case of being in one and not the other however: You and your partner might be the same race (both white or Chinese) but different cultures (one Christian and the other Jewish or one Buddhist and the other Christian) as religion could also be considered cultural differences.
Similarly you could share a culture (both be the same religion or have the same traditions) but different in race thus leaving you in an interracial relationship but not an intercultural one.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to being in interracial / intercultural relationships. In my opinion (and millions world wide) the good outweighs the bad.

If you really love someone it shouldn't matter what culture he/she follows, what background he/she is from, how different he/she is from you or what race he/she is. We're all human and we all love the same. It doesn't matter who's against your relationship or who tries to convince you otherwise; if you truly have feelings for each other or love each other give your relationship a shot and you never know what might happen.

Good luck!
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