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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Get paid to be an egg donor: How much do egg donors get paid?

How much do egg donors get paid? Do you get paid to be an egg donor? Why would you be an egg donor? What are the benefits of being an egg donor?
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If you find yourself pondering on the above questions then this is the perfect read for you. This article will give you a broad outlook on what an egg donor is as well as what some of the major benefits of being one is especially payment or rather compensation for being one.

What are egg donors?

Egg donation can be described as one of the major procedures used to make pregnancy possible for women all over the world who might never be able to experience pregnancy otherwise (with their own eggs).

 According to statistics (Americanpregnancy.org) approximately 3000 babies are born as a result of egg donations yearly.

Who needs egg donors?

As has been priory mentioned, woman who cannot fall pregnant with their own eggs for various reasons often require the assistance of or rather donation of egg from an egg donor.

According to the State of New York Department of Health, the following will describe those in need of egg donations quite accurately:

      1.      Women who cannot fall pregnant due to the fact that their bodies don’t produce enough normal eggs (in other words a low supply of eggs is the only reason why they can’t fall pregnant and if it weren’t for this they would be able to fall pregnant.) This is usually due to:
·         malfunctioning ovaries
·         early menopause
·         older age resulting in less eggs production even with fertility drugs
·         poor quality eggs or embryo production

       2.      Certain women use donor eggs because they might have inherited diseases or illness which they don't want to pass on to their babies (the woman could be healthy but she and her partner could carry a gene for the same disease making it a high risk for their baby).

       3.      Many women in their late 30s or 40s who’d like to become pregnant (and in a very few instances those over 50) are often recipients of donated eggs.

       4.      Many unmarried woman trying to conceive without a partner (needing sperm donations as well) often require egg donation.

Some donor programs allow those donating to place restrictions on whom they would or would not like to receive their eggs.

How much money do egg donors make?

Due to many laws worldwide, the term “how much do egg donors get paid” would be a rather incorrect one. The term “how much are egg donors compensated” is more accurate.
Egg donors aren’t paid, per se due to the fact that donations are meant to be done out of the goodness of your heart and not merely for financial gain. In addition to this, a price can't be put on a human life.

The money is given as a gift, a sign of appreciation or to compensate the donor for the time, effort and inconvenience she might experience during the process.

Different countries (and organisations) have different amounts which they give donors. Depending on the country you’re in, the organisation you use or whether you’re donating privately or not,  the amount of money you would receive will differ.

In America as per guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, donors receive amounts ranging from $4500 to $8,000  or more. This could be due to the fact that more and more women often need donors and the volumes of donors are currently very low. The fact that there is a shortage of donors has also resulted in woman having to place private ads for donors in order to be fast tracked in an other wise long waiting list.
According to an article published on guardian.co.uk in the UK egg donors receive a flat fee of at least £750.
In South Africa certain agencies compensate donors below or above R6000 on average.

Taking into consideration the fact that you will be helping give the gift of motherhood to someone who might not be able to become a mother otherwise, the feeling of being that “difference” to her should mean more payment than the money in itself and the money can merely be seen as a bonus.

As with all other major or life changing experiences, the decision to become an egg donor should be one that is thought out thoroughly. It’s not to be taken likely.

If you decide that it’s something you’d like to do then you could become a big part of someone else’s blessing.

The gift of life is really one of a kind.
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