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Monday, April 2, 2012

Why do GOOD relationships end BADLY - Thought for the day

Why do good relationships end? What causes something that's going so well to suddenly end in such a horrible way? How can you break up after being together so long? How can two people  who seem so happy together suddenly end things?

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In my opinion there are 4 top reasons for this. 

You were never happy ALL THE TIME

break ups
Many people put up a front about their relationships.

They will show the world a "relationship" that doesn't really exist. Yes they're together, yes they're an item and yes they may even love each other a lot but no they're not happy together ALL the time. No one is.

No one can be in a relationship that's rosy all the time,  and that's okay. The problem comes when the front they put up is there to mask a relationship far worse then the average relationship with normal ups and downs.

Sometimes what you see and what's really going on in the relationships are two completely different things.

You were in it for all the wrong reasons
If you're in a relationship because you're scared to be alone, succumbing to peer pressure or looking for something other than love to gain (money, status, etc) to the rest of the world your relationship may look great but in all actuality it really isn't. In this case you're relationships is bound to APPEAR as a good relationship ending badly when in fact it was a bad relationship to begin with.

You gave up too easily

couple not talking
If your relationship really is worth it the only reason it could end is if either or the both of you give up and throw in the towel. Sometimes the relationship may seem to be headed downwards; after all the love you start fighting excessively, neglecting each other, or boredom sets in and everything seems to be falling apart. If you decide to give up on each other and on your love instead of hanging on and trying to make things work your really good relationship could end very badly.

You lost your fighting spirit

Similarly to giving up too easily, many times couples loose their fighting spirit. Love is never easy. Sometimes it takes lots of hard work and you've got to keep fighting to keep it alive and going. You have got to avoid giving up. If you loose your fighting spirit and decide to hang up your gloves on your relationship you might spend forever wondering what could have been and how things might have been different had you just given things one last try.
sad couple

It's clear there is never a single reason for the ending of a seemingly good relationship. Love is never as easy or simple as it seems. The best way to go about a relationship is to follow your heart. If you really love someone, don't give up on him/her or the relationship. If you don't love him/her the way you should, you should never have gotten in the relationship in the first place.
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My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online
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