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Friday, April 6, 2012

Successful interracial / intercultural relationships: Love has no colour: True love Interview

This is the first of our new feature 'True Love Stories'. If you feel that you or someone you know has a true love story to tell (one that's unique, sweet, romantic, or special to you) please let us know at Lovelifeandrelationships@gmail.com. Our True Love Stories are stories from ordinary people with something special to say. They are unique, inspiring or just plainly put worth reading.

I did an interview with a really sweet and amazing young lady, Nada Smith. She's 25 and from Ukraine in Eastern Europe.She had a really awesome story to tell with regards to interracial / intercultural relationships. Enjoy!

Inter-racial married couple: Mr and Mrs Smith
Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us. I'm am sure it will help a lot of people and encourage many. How did your love story begin?
 It all started when I won my first internship to the USA 4 years ago.  

       Q: Wow congratulations on the internship what did you study?
      I studied Management hospitality. I now have a master’s degree.

Q: Wow that’s really great. So how long were you in the USA for?
I spent 1 year in USA then went back to Ukraine to graduate. Before long I applied for another internship and won again, so in May 2010 I went back to the USA again.
While working as manager at a hotel there, this light, skinny guy kept trying to talk to me all the time. I kept pushing him away because I knew I would be going back home to Ukraine in a year.

Q: That would make perfect sense.
Yeah but one night he kept begging me for my phone number so I gave in and said ‘ok. I’ll give u my phone number’ and after few days we went on a date.

Q: So all the begging paid off and he eventually got what he wanted.
Yeah. We soon began dating. Everybody at the hotel was shocked because he’s an African American cook at the hotel and I was a white intern manager there and we were dating. We had a great relationship but after 9 months I needed to go back home and I lost him as my boyfriend.

Q: Oh that’s horrible...
I lost him as a boyfriend because he went from being my boyfriend to being my husband.
On Valentine’s Day last year he asked me to marry him :)

Q: Oh My Gosh wow!!!!! That’s so awesome! CONGRATULATIONS
Thank you. And on the 1st of April we celebrated our one year anniversary. It was really beautiful. We had a barbeque with his family then movies and when we got home I found flowers with a note on table. The note said
‘I don’t have a heart anymore. The most beautiful woman in the world, my best friend and the best wife in the world took it. I’m happy wen u smile, wen u near me, when u are in my dreams and thoughts. I just more than love u... u r my everything. Without u I wouldn’t exist…’

Q: That is so romantic wow :)
He’s not usually romantic but sometimes he just really surprises me.
I love this man more than life. He is my everything. We have a lot of common...he is great man and lover, friend and just great person.
I'm 25 and he's 30. He has a 6 year old son. His momma died so he calls me momma.

Q: That's so sweet. 
Do you get on well with his family (his mom, dad, sisters, brothers, cousins)?
 Yes. They really like me. We celebrate holidays together. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

Q: That’s great. A really big family.
 Does he get along well with your family?
 My family didn’t except my decision :( I don’t talk to them. 
They said I had to make a choice. I could stay here with my man or go home and forget about him. I made my decision. I decided to stay.
I’m not 15...I have my own life. They didn’t understand me.

Q: Wow. That happens a lot. It's sad...I understand completely what you mean.
Thanks. Sooner or later I had to start my own life.

Q: Yeah. If only everyone could just be more accepting of everyone you know? The world would be a better place.
 For sure. Also they might be mad because I’m far a way.

Q: Probably. They got used to having you around and now it's like you suddenly gone.
 Yeah and marriage was probably an issue to them too. Like all parents dream about their children having a big wedding you know? Now it's like I betrayed their dreams because that's not what we had.

Q: Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. I guess sometimes everything doesn't go as planned. How was the wedding you had different from the wedding they would have wanted for you?
We had courthouse reception and then dinner.

Q:  That's still pretty. The important part is that you're married and you get to be together forever. That's all that matters
Yeah. I know.

Q: So are you planning on having any babies soon :)? 
Maybe lol. Not right now though.

 Q: lol ok. 
What a really beautiful story. Thanks so much Nada 
It’s such a short life story though. If somebody told me that something like this would happen to me I say 'you're kidding me, no way!' But it really happened.

Q: Yeah and it's really great and special.
I really wish the two of you all the best and all the happiness possible 
May God Bless you both and your relationship in abundance.
Thank u. I came up with a conclusion: 
It doesn’t matter where u are...home is where your love and heart are... well my heart is his and my home is in his hugs.

Thanks a lot to Nada for sharing her story. May the love between her and Ivory continue to grow and blossom endlessly.

This interview proves that true love does exist and no matter how you choose your love, race and culture doesn't need to be one of the factors that decide whether you're with someone or not.It also shows that sometimes you need to follow your heart no matter what friends or FAMILY members might tell you. Sometimes love should be most important.

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