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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The top 10 things you should never say to a girl / a woman

What should I never say to my girlfriend / a woman? How can I avoid saying something insensitive to a girl / my girlfriend? What are things that should be avoided when it comes to girls / girlfriends?

There are a few things that should be avoided when it comes to women. Girls are prone to seeing the "bigger picture" or reading into things a little so besides the occasional blatantly "not okay" thing to say to her there are also the less obvious things that should never be said. This article will help you become a little better prepared when it comes to backing away from saying things that might offend her.

Top 10 Things NEVER to say to a woman

1. Have you put on weight?
This is not only offensive but insulting and insensitive too. Most women are extremely self-conscious and many react very badly to the slightest hint of insult leading to many health problems such as bulimia or anorexia.
By making a woman feel like she's put on weight (which so many woman worry abut) you could be tainting the way she sees herself horribly.

2. Wow she's hot!
No matter how hot you might think the girl (besides the one you're with) is; whether she looks like Beyonce, Megan Fox or Taylor Swift, the woman you're with does not want to know! It's disrespectful no matter how you say it and is just as bad as you 'checking out' or flirting with other woman in front of her. Whether you're officially a couple or just on a casual date, it is rude and disrespectful to openly "drool" over someone other than your date so rather pay her a compliment and attention instead of focusing all your attention on the females around her.

3. My Ex used to...
This is the last thing any girl or woman wants to hear. Unless she explicitly asks about your ex or something about her she most likely does not want to hear anything about her; not what she used to do, not where she worked, not how she did her hair.
Women know you have exes (as hard as it is to think about) but if you mention her for whatever random reason (whether you think it' a valid reason or not) unless she's asked, it might seem to her like you've still got your ex on your mind.

4. But my mom does it this way...
Just as bad as talking about your ex unwantedly is comparing your current woman to your mother. NO woman likes competition or to feel like she's coming off second best; Its just a fact.
Woman know and understand that your mom is a huge part of your life, they know that she's been the one taking car of you for most of your life and that you obviously have gotten used to the way she does things but you're not dating/married to your mom so she doesn't need to be reminded of the way your mom does things at every given opportunity.

5. If you really loved me you would... 
According to AskMen this takes one of the top spots for the most important or being the biggest thing to avoid saying to a woman. Not only is it said to make you seem insecure and clingy it is also viewable as a form of emotional blackmail.
It is never a good idea to take advantage of someones feelings for you and try and use that as a way to manipulate or use them. Stay away from this line or the woman you're talking to might see right through you and your manipulative ways.

6. Relax / chill out / calm down.
This is the last thing any woman wants to hear especially during a fight, when you've said or done something to offend her or if she feels like you're taking something lightly (passing off something that she sees as important as no big deal).
If you're woman is angry or upset about something or you feel like she's 'making a scene' telling her to relax,be quiet or chill is only going to make things ten times worse. Let her vent and it will pass a whole lot sooner.

7. You're over-reacting or You're so dramatic / you're such a drama queen.
On the same page as number 6 (telling her to relax or chill) is saying that she's over-reacting, being dramatic or a drama queen. If you're aim is to make her ten times more angry, have her never speak to you again, or spend the rest of the day by yourself then go right a head and use these words,. If you'd prefer for the rest of the day or date to go smoothly then be understanding, allow her to vent if need be and show her that you care.
Woman are extremely emotional beings so if you can't deal with her emotions, that could be a possibly detrimental problem. Every girl loves an understanding guy. Show her that side of you and you'll be guaranteed to score some brownie points with her.

8. Never mind...
There can be nothing more annoying for any woman than having a guy start saying something and then change his mind halfway through it resorting to something like 'never mind'. If you're going to start something you need to finish it. If you start something and leave it halfway, most woman will find it annoying because for the rest of the date (maybe even long after, she's going to be left wondering what it could possibly be that you were going to say. If you're not sure you want to say something then rather don't say anything at all.
Alternatively if you start saying something and realise halfway through it that you really shouldn't be saying it (maybe it will be offensive to her or could ruin the date) then be a fast thinker and come up with a substitute comment. This will allow the rest of the date to run smoothly and you won't be annoying her with an unnecessary "never mind" during the conversation.

9. Is that all you wearing?
Mens fitness.com rightfully considers this to be a giant NO-NO! Depending on the kid of woman you're with (and possibly how long you've been together) she could find this comment rather offensive. Saying this could come across as controlling as it is likely to seem like you're trying to tell her what she can and cannot wear. If she feels comfortable wearing something super tight, short or revealing then unfortunately that is something that you're just going to have to deal with unless you're relationship is at a level where you can actually comment on it (again depending on how long you've been together and how well you know each other) if the relationship you're in is open to such discussions.

10. Belittling her. 
This is probably the broadest, biggest and most common mistake made by most guys.
This involves correcting her grammar or pronunciation, insulting her in public (in private is just as bad), being rude or sarcastic to her in public (in private is just as bad) or disregarding her feelings.
Emotional abuse is a very big cause of many forms of depression, relationship problems and divorce.
It might seem like insignificant to say something mean or cruel to the woman you might be with as "a joke" just for "fun" or in a playful manner but sometimes those little words can do a lot of damage.

Relationships (whether casual or serious) rely on mutual respect. This means that both you and the woman you're with should both follow this point.

Women are really not that hard to figure out once you pay attention to them. There are a lot of other things that you could say that might upset her because you don't know every single thing about each other so it's obvious that you might say something that she might not like unintentionally. If this does happen it's important to make her know that you're sorry for upsetting her and take note of what it is that upset her as to not do the same thing again in the future.
In turn she should do the same obviously because a relationship is a two way street.

Be open to discussing what you both find to be offensive or upsetting and what you don't. An open relationship is a good relationship.Communication is always a great thing.

Anything I missed??? Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment below!!!!
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