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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is kissing good for you? Fun Kissing Truths / Facts

Is kissing good for you? Is Kissing healthy? What's the point of kissing? Why do people kiss?

Kissing truths
Kissing is not only fun but can be said to have an interesting history and some really interesting benefits.

Listed below are some rather interesting and informative facts about kissing compiled from different websites namely: thefrisky, mentalfloss, hicards and beembee. 
Interesting facts about kissing

1.    In their lifetime, the average person will spend about 15 days KISSING.

2.    Kissing continuously for just 1 minute can burn around 26 calories!!!

   3.    Worldwide there have always been rules for what is or isn’t acceptable with regards to PDA (Public Displays of Affection) and kissing
      In Naples, in the 1500’s, kissing in public was seen as wrong and was thus punishable by death! 
     Kissing is also a crime in:

  •      Indiana where it’s an offence for a moustached man to kiss human beings (if that makes any sense), 
  •      in Hartford, Connecticut a husband kissing his wife on a Sunday is a criminal offence, 
  •       and in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, kissing a stranger is viewed as a crime.
4.    Two thirds of couples are said to turn their heads to the right when kissing.

5.    Kissing has been proven to improve skin, help circulation, prevent tooth decay and relieve headaches.

6.    The average woman has been proven to kiss 29 men before she eventually gets married.

7.    Men who kiss their partners before leaving for work are researched to average higher incomes than those who don’t.

8.    Just as with finger prints, no two lip impressions are the same.

9.    A 1966 episode of Star Trek showcased the first  interracial kiss on television.

10. The Longest ever recorded underwater kiss lasted 2 minutes and 18 seconds and took place in Tokyo, Japan in 1980.

Kissing is fun, a bonding experience and healthy but if you're not careful about who you're kissing, it could also result in unwanted oral diseases (oral herpes, etc).

When kissing the right person, kissing can be something breath-taking.
Make it worth it and enjoy locking lips with that special person... Mwwwaaahhh!
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