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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to tell if a guy has feelings for you - Question and Answer

I like a guy and I want to know whether he feels the same way about me...
I was introduced to this guy by a senior when I started University. He was from another campus.
We just had a normal conversation in front of everyone and after that we never spoke to each other directly but whenever I saw him somewhere we'd always smile at each other. 
Whenever I was around him he'd always over reacted by being too loud in front of me or something. 

Once I got in a relationship with another guy he started ignoring me and the smiles stopped.
One day I had a chat with him on Facebook but his attitude was totally different. He kept on asking me about my boyfriend and was so interested in knowing about him. Also, he didn't speak much and I was the only one initiating the conversation. He was also very rude.

Some time after that he sent a general message to everyone saying that he wants to organise a party before leaving the college. I couldn't make out whether he just wanted to have a party or was looking for a chance to meet up with me, however I didn't get any invitation and also I don't know whether he had party with some other people.

My course is over now and I wont get a chance to speak to him because he isn't on Facebook anymore and I don't have his number. Please help me...

Hi there!

Thanks for contacting me with your problem.

From what you've told me it really does seem like this guy 'had' feelings for you initially. The smiles, over-reacting and attention all confirm that. The fact that he became distant or some-what rude after you got into a relationship with someone else is even more proof that he did really like you. The reason why he keeps asking you about your boyfriend is
1. He's jealous
2. He' upset with the fact that despite the smiles and everything (all his attempts to get your attention) and besides the fact that he probably thought you had feelings for him too you got into a relationship with someone else and he tries to remind you of that by constantly bringing up your boyfriend
3. He's secretly hoping you'd say it's not true (you’re not together or you broke up). It’s almost a case of wishing something’s changed.

The reason why he didn't invite you to the party is probably that he's trying to move on from his feelings for you. He knows that you're in a relationship and maybe he's a decent enough guy to not step on someone else’s ' territory' or ruin the relationship that you have.

I'm not sure what you'd like to do but you really do seem to have feelings for this guy and if that's the case you need to decide between him and your current partner.

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If you choose to be with him there are many ways to get hold of him. The most obvious way would be to get a contact number from the people who initially introduced you to each other. You first need to decide what it is you want so that nobody gets hurt.

All the best

Jade Monique Taylor
Love, Life and Relationships

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