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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet, affordable and unique Father's Day Gifts and gift ideas

What should I get my father for Fathers' day? Are there any affordable but unique and sweet gifts I could get my  father for Fathers' day? What are some sweet and affordable Fathers' day gifts and gift ideas?

Father's day will be here soon and if any of  these questions have crossed your mind, you're at the right place. 
A father is a valuable part of any life. Remember, a father doesn't have to be a biological father but anyone who is man enough to take the responsibility of being a fatherly figure in you're life (which would make him even more special).
He protects us, keeps us safe and sometimes has single handedly raised and cared for us. He also makes sure that we're always provided for.

This article contains many affordable, sweet and unique Father's day gifts for that really special man in your life.

Lucky To Have You Gift Duo - $34.00

You're My Guiding Light Gift Duo - $34.00
Both these gifts are really beautiful and come as a set (a mug and a comfy pillow) to remind your dad how special he is to you. The sweet part about this is that we all need a pillow to sleep on and due to this he's guaranteed to think of you every single night no matter where you are (whether you work far away, have moved out of the house or are studying in a different state or country).
Shiatsu Neck Massager w/ Vibration & Heat - $71.95
If your dads a hard worker like so many of our dads are, this is one gift that
is sure to come in handy.
Give him a gift that will ensure that he gets those few minutes of pure relaxation
after all the hard work you know he's done. There can be nothing better than
this neck massager with heat after that stressful day at work.

Personalised Doodlebook Photoframe - $24.95

This photo frame is one made of sheets of paper (like a note book shaped in a frame)  and allows you or your dad to write or draw anything on it. Whenever you'd like you can tear off the particular page of paper and start again. This is a really fun and creative gift as you can personalise it with any message or thoughts.

This fathers' day, show your dad how special he is...
Give him the gift of quality time with you.

Shake 'n' Wake Vibrating Alarm Clock - $30.95

One of the coolest gifts ever (especially for working dads) is this vibrating alarm clock / watch. It will allow him to wake up to something other than the annoying sound of an alarm and maybe become the reason he becomes a little more of a morning person. Give him a gift that will start everyday off in a good way for him.

Ring Thing - $9.95

Conceal Bookshelves - $33.95

If your dads a 'reader or spends a lot of time in the study this gift is sure to give a unique aspect to his prized possessions (books). He'll definitely love this somewhat 'invisible' book shelve.
If he's more laid back and more likely to be found drinking a beer on the porch then why not save him some time (running around looking for a bottle opener) and get him a really cute and unique 'ring thing' bottle top opener. Give him a fun yet handy gift this year.

Personalised Jumbo Snow Globe Photoframe - $62.95

Personalized Midnight Pocket Watch - $31.49

If you'd like to give your dad something truly unique and special this year, this gift could be just what you're searching for. This snow globe lets you PUT A PIC OF YOUR CHOICE IN THE MIDDLE! There can honestly be nothing of more value and special than that.

A personalised pocket watch is just as precious. You get to put a message / name / date on it making it completely unique.

Shower Shaving Mirror - $44.95
Back on to the fun and practical side of things is this really great shower 
shaving mirror. We all know how annoying trying to see yourself in a steam
clouded mirror can be so why not help your dad out this fathers day by
getting him a gift that will come in handy and making his shaving experience a
little more bearable.

If you don't think that will do the trick you could always settle for personalised
glasses or a beer mug. What makes this great is the fact that
it is something that dads can never have too many of. It will bring a smile to
his face every time he sees it because you're able to write a name,
message or date on it, making it ten times more valuable than any
other glass.

Personalized Pub Glass Set - $43.19

Personalized Monster Mug - $26.99

Personalized Rich Gunmetal Flask - $23.39

Personalized iPad Case - $35.09

Practical versus fun once again you can decide between a Personalized iPad case (where you can write your dads name, a message or a special date on it) or a personalised flask.
Both highly customisable and unique.
Online Beer Gift Chest - $79.95

Personalized Father's Day Frame - $29.99

If you're stuck with regards to what to get your dad or running out of time you could always opt for one of the many Father's day hampers out there. Be sure to pick one that' filled with goodies your dad will enjoy. Many dads love their relaxing beer sessions so a good idea would be to grab a fun beer hamper like this one. It comes in a chest and contains a collection of different beers. Any dad is sure to find this enjoyable.
Spoil him with something you're sure he'll enjoy and you can never go wrong.

Prince Daddy Sign - $21.99

The daddy sign and personalised frame are both really sweet and precious gifts.They allow you to show your dad that you're always going to be his little girl (the sign) or his little boy (with regards to the message you decide to put on the photo frame).
These gifts really embrace the essence of customisation and uniqueness.

Fathers are a blessing - a true gift from God. How better way to show God our appreciation for them than by spreading His word and giving our dads a Bible this year?

Hope you enjoyed looking through the gift ideas on this site and that it makes your gift decision a little easier.

Fathers day is one day out of the year that is completely dedicated to fathers'. Lets show them how much we love and care for them all the time and not just on this one special day. They deserve it. 

Make Father's day special for your dad but show him your love constantly.

***Happy Fathers' Day to my dad!
Love you more than you know Daddy!!!
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