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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dating as a single parent: Where can I meet other single parents for dating or socialization?

How do I meet other single parents? How do I meet other single moms or dads? Where do I meet single moms or dads? How do I get into a relationship as a single parent?

Father and daughter:
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The dating game can be something completely complex. This can be heightened when being a single parent - but it doesn’t need to be that way.

There are many ways and places of meeting like-minded individuals or single parent’s if you’re looking to meet up for dating or socialising.

Where to meet other single parents

Single parents can be found almost anywhere and there are a lot of common places which you might be very well aware of as a single parent yourself.

·        Child friendly spots

Mother and daughter
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     ¾    Parks
     ¾    Extra mural activities ( children sports, your child’s school functions, etc.)
      ¾    Parent teacher conferences or meetings
      ¾    The play sections at theme parks or restaurants

These might seem like obvious places to look at but they are exactly where you will find the kind of people you’d like to get to know better and you wouldn’t even have to look that hard.
Chances are you have been in these places more often than not; if you have then you just need to be a little more observant the next time you’re there, and if you haven’t then you need to start taking your child out a little more often. Hanging out in such places would be great for the both of you:
Your child will get to have fun with children his or her age while having some quality time with you and you will get to bond with him or her while hanging around like minded parents.

Another plus to this kind of meeting place is that it should be obvious to spot which parents are single parents and which aren’t. Parents who are alone with their children at a family venue such as a theme park are likely to be single parents, divorcees or widows/widowers (all single parents in any case). It shouldn’t be hard to find out for sure as conversations can easy be started surrounding your children.

Single dad
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·        Social networks

¾    Facebook fan pages and groups
¾    Twitter hash tags
¾    Single or divorced parent blogs and websites

These are really great places to meet the kind of individuals you’d like to get to know better whether for dating purposes, on a social level or merely for friendship or companionship.
Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter make it very easy to find individuals with similar likes, dislikes and preferences. By joining a Facebook fan page or group on single parenting, being a single mom / dad / parent, single handedly raising children or divorce, you will be putting yourself directly in interaction with similar individuals.

Father and child
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Similar to Facebook, when searching people or hash tags on Twitter you’re able to come in contact with those who might be single parents or divorcees. Search for hash tags or people with hash tags in their profiles mentioning being a single parent, divorcee, single mom / single dad or raising a child alone.

By joining or looking up blogs or websites about single parents or divorcees you will be able to interact with those commenting on or interacting in the blog or website. These people are likely to be the kind that you’re looking to interact with as well.

Social networks especially, make it easy to find out a lot about a person before deciding to interact with him or her. It also makes it easy to be able to tell where someone is from in order to know whether or not he or she is from a nearby town or city in contrast to forming a relationship with someone from a different country (unless you’re looking for companionship or friendship).

·        Online dating sites

¾    Single parent dating sites
¾    Divorcee dating sites
¾    Mixed dating sites

Online dating is fast becoming one of the most common ways of meeting prospective partners and dates. Many believe that online dating is just as successful in meeting prospective long term partners as any other form of meeting. According to statistics gathered from numerous sources and surveys at least 20% of all newly committed people met online. In the USA alone 31% of all dating individuals use dating websites and there are 280 000 marriages a year as a result of online dating services alone.

Single mom
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The advantage of online dating is that you are able to directly join a group of people who you are sure are on the website with exact same intentions and preferences as you (as with anything else in life, online dating requires caution and common sense as unfortunately everyone out there may not exactly be who he or she might say he or she is).

Dating is meant to be fun so keep that in mind when getting into the dating game. Whether you’re a single parent, divorcee or widow, remember the most important part of dating while having a child is to make sure that you only get into a relationship and start dating once you are ready (not only applicable to people with children but to everyone in general).

Another more important fact for single parents specifically is to ensure that your child is made a number one priority no matter what might happen in your dating world. Don’t ever make your child feel like he or she comes off second best to your new partner.

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