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Friday, August 10, 2012

How to get a guy or girl to hold your hand: Flirting tips

How can I get him to hold my hand? How do I get her to hold my hand? Are there any tips on how to get a girl or guy to hold your hand? Are there any tips at how to hint at a guy or girl to hold your hand?

Holding hands while driving

One of the sweetest and most romantic gestures of affection in any form of relationship (whether serious or not, new or old) is that of holding hands.

The sense of calmness and happiness one experiences when holding the hand of someone you care tremendously about is completely priceless.
There are so many firsts in any relationship as well as instances where you might not quite be sure where you stand with a guy or girl (you might still need to find out how he or she feels about you: whether or not he or she would like to be in a relationship with you, whether he or she sees you as more then a friend, etc). In situations such as these, holding that special someones hand (or getting them to hold yours) can contribute towards easing any form of doubt or confusion you might have as well as allowing you to form a deeper connection with each other.

Getting a guy or girl to hold your hand
Why do people hold hands?
    ·        As has been previously mentioned, holding hands allows a couple to express their affection to each other.
    ·        Holding hands allows you to form a ‘silent connection’ as you can often feel love and affection from someone without having to say anything.
    ·        Holding hands can be seen as a sure sign to all onlookers (strangers, friends, etc) that you’re both in a relationship -  it can almost be used as a ‘TAKEN’ sign.

How to get a guy or girl to hold your hand?

As mentioned, holding hands has in itself many advantages. It can be rather nerve wrecking though, wondering how to get your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or someone you like to hold your hand especially when you’ve never held hands with him or her before.
The simplest way to go about this (especially if you’d like for it to be more of a mutual decision) is by giving your partner the opportunity to hold your hand.

  • Make sure that you're hand is occasionally in close proximity to your partners (especially when you're walking).
  • Allow your hand to brush up against your partners occasionally.
  • By making sure that your hand is close to your partners or that your hand touches his or hers every now and then, you're allowing your partner to see that you have no problem with making physical contact with him or her (he or she might pick up on this on a subconscious level). It is also likely to encourage your partner to hold your hand (this sometimes happens based on impulse or almost like a natural instinct).
As demonstrated above, actions speak louder than words, if however words are more of your thing, you could always turn to a light hint in form of a semi joking suggestion to get your partner to hold your hand. Remember, 50% of what you say when you're joking is the truth so by saying something in a 'joke kind of way' you'll be lightening the atmosphere while getting a message across.

Do this for example:
Look around you and say: "Looks like most of the people around us are holding hands, maybe we should do the same."
When crossing a busy road say something like "Better take my hand, I'd hate for you to be hit by a car" - don't let go after you've crossed the road.
When at a concert, party or anywhere else with lots of people say something like "I think we should hands so that neither of us gets lost" - don't let go even when the crowds have subsided.

There is nothing to be concerned about with regards to holding someones hand. The feeling and act of doing so is almost completely natural. Allow your partner to feel comfortable with you, to know that you're open to the idea and to feel a sense of connection with you and he or she will definitely hold your hand.

These sayings describe holding hands perfectly:

“His hand glides down my arm, folds over my hand. His fingers lace with mine, palms kissing. I can feel the fast thud of his heart through this single touch.” 
― Sophie JordanFirelight

“Once I had her hand, I never wanted to let go of her.” 
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