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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who should pay on the first date (the guy or the girl)?

Who should pay for the first date? Who should settle the bill on the first date? Should the guy pay on the first date? Should the girl pay the bill on the first date? Could we split the bill on the first date?

First dates can be very stressful. Besides worrying about what to wear, how to make a good first impression or how to get your personality across as best as possible (despite the nervousness), there is still the thought of ' who's going to pay for everything'.

Generally (or as society sees it) the guy would usually pay for the first date (at least). It's not only viewed as cautious but romantic as well. Many girls have the expectation of the guy paying for at least the first date o if a guy asks or expects her to pay for the date or contribute towards it might lead to a 'not so good' first impression of him. Every girl loves romance and feeling special so if it feels like she's not getting this on the very first date at least it could ultimately be a major contributing factor towards a lack of second date.

As an exception, however, if a girl asks a guy on a date it might be understandable why he might expect her to pay for or contribute towards the date ill. It would still be highly romantic if he did pay in any case but would make more sense if he didn't. A guy paying for the date even if the girl asked him on it would result in him scoring 'brownie points' with her and ultimately getting a better chance of a second date.

In this day and age more and more couples are paying for themselves on dates (or girls are paying on first dates) which is just a mere demonstration of the fact that courtship as a whole is changing and romantic gestures are fast dying out. Just as with love letters, a guy pulling out a chair for a girl or opening a door for her, romance is on the brink of extinction and these acts are becoming more and more rare. 

The times may be changing but romance should still have a place in society. If you are or you find a guy who still makes an effort to carry out any romantic gestures then you are really one of a kind and a true blessing to the dating world.

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