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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flirting tips: How to flirt by touching someone - Make physical contact

What are some good flirting tips? How can I show someone I’m interested in him/her without saying anything? How can I let him/her know that I’m interested? How do you flirt by touching someone?

Flirting tips:

Touch is one of the biggest indicators of affection and interest. One of the best ways of flirting is by making physical contact. Physical contact tells others how you feel about them; whether you see them as a friend or more.

Below you will find all the information you will need with regards to making your feelings known through touch.

How is touching used to show feelings?

Touch is a sure way of making your feelings known to someone. The biggest and best example of this is looking at the way people hold hands. Holding hands shows not only the person who’s hand your holding that you care but also shows those around you that you and your partner are in some kind of relationship (for more on holding hands or getting someone to hold your handread here.)

How do you use touching to flirt with someone?

Using touch as a way of flirting with someone is one of the simplest things to do. The important thing to remember when it comes to flirting whether you’re concentrating on physical contact as a means of flirting or not; is that it’s supposed to be more natural than anything else. Unless you’re using pick-up lines as a means of trying to flirt with someone (which is usually not the best way to go), your way of showing him or her that you’re interested should be relatively subtle.

Ways of flirting by way of physical contact or touching

·        Randomly touching him or her on the shoulder, back, etc. while laughing or during the course of conversation.
·        Brushing your hand over his or hers while walking or in a similar position (where it would seem natural and not planned or staged).
·        Finding a valid reason (or rather excuse) to hold his or hand
·        Remove an eyelash (whether real or fake) from under his or her eye. Remember to warn him/her first.
·        Wipe food, cream, sauce, etc. from his/her lip

Flirting is a fun and spontaneous way of hinting at someone that you like them especially if you’re shy or would just prefer not to tell him/her directly.
Sometimes flirting is also the best way of starting a relationship with someone. You can’t always go straight up to someone you barely know and tell them that you think you might like them but you can flirt and hopefully him/she will find interest in you too and you can get to knowing each other better.

Have fun and remember – flirting is meant to be based on subtle hints.
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