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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do Long Distance relationships work? - Advantages and disadvantages of long distance relationships.

Do long distance relationships work? Can Long distance relationships be successful? How will we be able to stay together if we live so far apart? How can we maintain our relationship to last throughout distance? Is it a waste of time to get into a relationship with someone who won't be around all the time?

Long distance relationships:
Just as with every thing (and every kind of relationship) there is a good side and bad side to being in a long distance relationship.

What are long distance relationships?

A long distance relationship is one where you don't get to physically be with or spend time with your partner as often as many other couples do. In a long distance relationship, the couple don't live together or close to each other and it is due to this distance that they often don't get to spend as much time together.

Holding hands:

Why do people get into long distance relationships?

Many people are forced into long distance relationships due to things such as studying (one of the participants needs to go away to study in a far away college or university), work (one of the participants needs to work far away) or serving (either partner is serving their country in the army, marines, etc). Others purposely choose to be in long distance relationships (such as in initial stages of online dating).

No matter how you've found yourself in a long distance relationship or if you are thinking about getting into one, it is sometimes important and helpful to know the benefits and disadvantages of it.

Disadvantages of being in a long distance relationship
  • You don't get to spend as much time together
          Due to the fact that you live or work far a part, the amount of time you get to spend together is obviously limited by how often you can travel far distances to see each other, holidays or time off work or school or money (as travelling can often be quite costly).
Long distance relationships:

  • If you don't fully trust your partner you could go crazy
          Trust is a really important part of a long distance relationship. You need to be able to trust the other person fully as well as be a completely trust worthy individual yourself. Due to the fact that you're not with each other as much as most short distance couples, you might find yourself questioning your partners loyalties towards you, wondering what he or she is doing at any given time or thinking about whether or not he or she is remaining faithful to you throughout the far distance or lonely nights.

  • You don't get to spend special occasions together
          Sometimes due to distance or money (as previously mentioned) you might not be able to spend all holidays, birthdays or special occasions together. There is a need to be completely understanding and filled with the spirit of compromise when it comes to long distance relationships especially.
  • You might not form as deep a bond physically
           Being away from your partner for a while (depending on the depth of your relationship) could sometimes result in a distance forming between you. You might not be as connected as couples who share each others company on a regular basis.
This doesn't mean that you're sure to be distant in your relationship it just means that if you don't keep your relationship going in other ways or as best you can it can be a lot easier to loose a link or connection to your partner due to the added presence of distance in your relationship.

Advantages of being in a long distance relationship

Long distance love:

  • You have your space
Many couples may complain that their partners are overbearing, constantly hanging around, clingy or needy. Being in a long distance relationship this is likely to never be the problem.

Long distance relationships allow you to be a happy couple while still being two separate, independent individuals.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Sometimes a little time away from each other allows you to realise how much you need to be together. Being away from someone allows you the chance to see how much you miss him/her and that you need to be together whereas being together all the time might sometimes make this less likely.
  • You have something to look forward to
Knowing that you'll be seeing your loved one soon allows you to fill up with excitement in looking forward to seeing him or her. Sometimes the excitement and anticipation in spending time with him or her results in more exciting dates, better planning with regards to dates and quality time and deeper levels of excitement and happiness when you do get to see each other again.

Long distance relationships (just like any other relationship) take hard work, commitment and dedication in order to work. True love crosses all boundaries and by watching movies such as Dear John and The Lake house you can see that if you're meant to be together distance can't change that.
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