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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Real life or successful long distance relationships: Do long distance relationships work?

What are long distance relationships? Do long distance relationships work out? Are there any real or true long distance relationships? Are there any long distance relationships that have worked?

Long distance relationships do exist; they are out there, they are real and when true they are the most romantic thing anyone could ever experience.

The video below depicts a true long distance relationship. The young lady is from Sweden and the young man from Singapore but they don't let the 5983 miles of distance keep them apart. The don't let the fact that they live on two different continents end or affect their relationship.

The video below is a series of clips showing their first meet up and departure. It is extremely touching and inspirational. 

The couple are still together and going strong. They live to prove that distance is nothing and that love bridges all gaps.

True love indeed.


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