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Monday, June 10, 2013

Do Hugs Have Different Meanings? - Different Hug Meanings

He hugs me in a different way, does it mean he likes me? She hugs me differently to the way she does her other friends, what does that mean? Do hugs mean different things? Can you tell how someone feels about you by the way they hug you?

Hugs are a major form of affection. As with all physical forms of communication, you really can tell a lot from the way someone touches you or hugs you.

How to tell the meaning of a hug

There are a few things that you need to pay attention to or focus on when trying to figure out if someone has unique feelings for you when it comes to a hug. In order to know whether or not he or she views you as more than just a friend, there are a few focus points that need to be highlighted to interpret the particular hug.

Look at the way he or she hugs other guys (if you're a guy) or girls (if you're a girl)

A good clue would be to focus on the way the particular person hugs other friends in the group or other people he / she may know. If it seems pretty much the same as the way he / she hugs you than that alone is a mega clue that he / she probably views you in the same way as he / she views the other people that he / she hugs - merely as a friend.

If it is different in any way (especially with regards to the next few points in this article) than it's just as big a sign that he / she may in fact view you in a different light or have deeper feelings for you.

Note the length or duration of the hug

Although things like hugs or kisses don't really have a predetermined duration, there is an assumed duration for them. A hug should naturally last a few seconds and then end. If you have a hard time measuring what the 'usual' or 'normal' hug length is, hug another of your friends (a guy if you're a girl or a girl if you're a guy) and try and measure how long it lasts. Be sure to measure with someone you're 100% sure has ABSOLUTELY no romantic feelings for you or it would be pointless.

Once you have an idea on how long the average hug should be or feel, keep it in mind next time you hug that particular person. If it goes past that time, even if just by a few seconds, take note of that - it's a clue.
When we hug people we have feelings for, it naturally feels good to be in their arms. When you hug him / her and it goes past the 'average time' it's because he / she naturally doesn't want to let go. Hugging someone you have feelings for makes you want to hold on if only for a few more seconds. It's like a sub-conscious thing.
Another reason could be the fact that he / she is trying to give you a hint or an idea of their feelings for you. They may not be good at expressing themselves verbally and thus make use of non-verbal communication to try and get you to see their feelings in another way.

Note the ending of the hug

The end of the hug holds many hints and signs too. In a normal hug the end would just be a 'pull away' and that's that. In a 'romantically motivated hug', you may find that the person steps away and looks into your eyes deeply or steps away but still remains close to you for a few seconds (maybe even a few inches from your face - the closer he/she is to you, the bigger the sign).

If he/she pulls away but stays relatively close to you or looks deeply into your eyes for a few seconds; it's usually because he / she wants to or is thinking about kissing you. That in itself should be a dead giveaway. The closer he / she stands to you after the hug (sometimes even before) and the longer he / she stands there; the more obvious this sign should be.

The hug itself

The hug itself holds many clues, hints and signs.

The intensity of the hug:
This refers to the tightness of the hug. A casual hug would just be a relatively light squeeze and that would be it. A hug with some hidden romantic aspects may be a little tighter and stay that way for longer - in contrast to a quick 'squeeze and let go' kind of hug.

The kind of hug (one armed or two armed):
The way he / she hugs you is also a clue. If the hug is one handed / one armed it's usually more casual but if it's two handed / two armed this is usually more intimate: He / she feels more comfortable with you and may have hidden romantic feelings for you.

How he or she hugs you:
The way he / she positions their arms when hugging you may also be a sign.
With regards to guys it can sometimes be a little harder to figure this out although holding you around the waist and resting his head on your shoulder could be a sight hint.
With regards to girls this is a bit easier to note. A girl who may have romantic feelings for you is likely to place her arms around your neck when hugging you - sometimes standing on her tiptoes if needed.

How close he or she stands to you:
The distance between the two of you during a hug could also be a clue.
If you're really close to each other - your bodies against each other - it's likely to be more then just a 'friendship hug'.
If there is a big space between the two of you or a little more distance, this is more likely to be a casual kind of hug.
Measure the way he / she hugs other people in relation to you with this point.

Note the frequency of the hug

The frequency of the hug should also be noted.
How often does he / she hug you?
If it seems like more than he / she hugs other people or every chance he / she gets than that's a big sign.
He / she may look for excuses to hug you or make note to hug you every time he / she sees you and/or every time he / she leaves.
If he / she is not doing this with all of his / her other friends then pay attention to this.

Note the order of the hug when in a group

Sometimes when someone has romantic feelings for you they will deliberately leave your hug for last. There is a lot to this: sometimes it's a case of 'leaving the best for last' to savour the moment', wanting to get a few more seconds with you instead of feeling like they need to move on quickly to hug other people or just wanting you to have been the last person he / she felt or hugged before leaving. Either way - it's usually romantically inspired.

Note any other factors in conjunction to the hug

You need to pay attention to other factors besides the hug in order to have a better understanding on how he / she may be feeling. Read;

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Hints He won't miss

for more on this.

These articles include clues on how to look at other physical and verbal signs that he / she may have feelings for you: the things he / she may say, the way he / she may act, etc.

Are you experiencing any of these? Let me know! ;)
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