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Thursday, July 4, 2013

My ex kissed me; does it mean he / she wants me back? - Is it okay to kiss my ex?

My ex kissed me. Does that mean my ex wants me back? Is it okay to kiss my ex? Is it okay to make out with my ex?

Kissing means different things to different people. For some people a kiss could make a major difference to a relationship: it has the potential to change a friendship into a romantic relationship, a platonic relationship into an affair or a fling into a full on relationship. It also has the potential to change exes back into a couple. For others though, a kiss could mean absolutely nothing but fun.

We kissed, does that mean we back together?

A kiss could mean you're back together and it could not. it depends entirely on you as individuals. That being said, it could mean that you're back together for one of you or in one of your minds and not in that of the other. It is due to this - differences in mindset - that it is always important to clarify someones feelings, emotions and thinking.

By asking your ex something like "so what does this mean?" you will be being straight up, upfront and allow yourself instant clarity on the situation. This could save you a whole lot of confusion and misunderstandings. Your ex will then say "that we're back together", "that maybe we can get back together", "I don't know about you but I'd like to try again" or something along those lines or he / she could say something like "it means absolutely nothing", "it's just a kiss" or "I don't know". No matter the response of your ex it will give you a better understanding of what he or she is thinking and you can then decide a way forward from there.

A good piece of advice is to think of all the possible things your ex could say back (use some of the ideas I gave you above) and think of possible replies to them so that if you do get one of them back you're better prepared and don't walk away with "i should have said this" or "I should have said that" regrets.

Use this the next time your ex kisses you. If you're ex has already kissed you and you're not sure if he or she will again or if you want him or her to kiss you again without being sure what he or she is thinking, use the above same scenario but instead of saying "what does that mean" for example say "what did it mean" or "what did the kiss the other day mean", etc.

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