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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Is he leading me on or does he genuinely like me?

Hey jade

Basically this dude that i see very very frequently, and when I do speak to him its just a hi and bye however. 

We were all at my friends house (he lives in a mansion sort of thing) it was like a party and he kept flirting with me like play fighting and picking me up and what not. Then it got really late and people were getting tired and wanted to go to bed. So i got into bed and he climbed in after me then we were talking - I told him 3 of my best jokes ;) and just generally spoke about life. After that he put his arm round me and was stroking my stomach and just being reallllyyyyyyy cute like kissing my neck rubbing his nose on my cheek etc. He never tried do anything more than that which was great. but he is extremely handsome and a lot of girls like him and he usually just uses girls by sleeping with them or when ever he wants them. But he never tried any of that stuff with me,we fell asleep in each others arms with our noses touching then we woke up and he asked me if i wanted a lift anywhere or if i wanted to go with my friends.

Do you think he was leading me on and just wanted some thing to tell his friends about or does he generally like me?


Hey there :)

Thanks a lot for the question.

I think it’s highly unlikely that he wanted something to tell his friends about as there isn’t really much to say – don’t you think? You didn’t sleep together or anything so it’s not like there’s anything he could gossip about unless he lied about you (which is a possibility depending on the kind of person he is – I don’t think that would be the case here though he SEEMED kind of genuine).

There are different possibilities regarding this guy. The best thing for you to do is to be open-minded, avoid being na├»ve and think about things realistically. You know him better than I do so you’re more likely to know what does and doesn’t seem out of character for him. You were also the one witch him so you’d be better at telling whether he was being genuine or playing you.

1.   He was being genuine.
If he was being genuine then that’s awesome. It means that he really enjoyed your company and wanted to be with you. The fact that he usually sleeps with everyone and ‘uses him or her’ and didn’t sleep with you could be a major sign that he actually thinks more of you and values you above the rest. If he can easily sleep with someone it means that he really doesn’t value the act very much. He just uses it. He may value you and that’s why he wanted to wait to make it more worth it and to ensure that you weren’t grouped with the rest of the girls he just sleeps with to use or for the fun of it.
This option seems the most likely to me.

2.   He may know that you’re not ‘that kind of girl’ that would just sleep with him and that’s why he’s taking it slow. This could mean that he does ultimately want to just sleep with you but he knows that won’t happen so he plans on sleeping with you but knows that he needs to work for it first. This still seems like he may have feelings for you if he’s work for something that he could get so easily elsewhere (sleep with someone who isn’t going to make him wait for it).

I don’t think you have much to worry about. Remember you’re worth and stick to being yourself – the awesome classy lady who doesn’t just sleep with everyone every time. Let him see your worth and put yourself first. We show people how we should be treated so don’t allow yourself to be used.

It seems like he’s on the right track in treating you well.

Good luck and God Bless!


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