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Friday, November 1, 2013

I can't move on from him - How can I tell how he feels


I am a 19-year-old girl; I’ve known this guy from college and dated him for about 3 months. We had an amazing relationship and everything was pretty cool - we didn't face any problems or anything. Then suddenly he said he wanted to be alone and I was shocked. I said okay and we became friends. Then we got into a fight because I saw him with other girls laughing and stuff and that really hurt me. We fixed things up but then he turned upside down and I don't even know what happened. Even though we were no longer together he was like “I don't wanna talk to u again” and deleted me from Facebook.

It's been 4 months now since we broke up but I still see him looking at me. I’ve sent him the first time a message wishing him the best but he didn't even respond. I couldn't forget him coz he was so special to me so I’ve sent him another one saying I was sorry and would stop the madness even thought it wasn't my fault at all. He responded by saying he accepted my apology but when he walks in front of me he won't even talk to me :( and I couldn't just go to him because I feel like I’m too heavy on him. But I do still see him staring at me and I don’t know what to do and what he really feels about me. What should I do?

Please help me.

Hi there

Thanks a lot for your question. I hope that you will find my answer helpful in some way.

I’m really sorry for what you’re experiencing and that things don’t seem to be getting much better for you.

Four months is a long time to be dealing with a break up. You were together for three months so that means that it’s taking you a longer period to get over him then the amount of time you were dating for. This must mean that you had really deep feelings for him or that he was one of your very first (if not the first) real relationships you had.

Please read:

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I think that the best for you would be to move on. I know that that may seem hard, harsh and blunt but it’s the best thing you can do. It doesn’t seem like this guy is giving you much of a choice or much to hang on to beside the fact that he stares at you a lot. His staring could mean that he is either leading you on deliberately because he likes the attention you give him (which is a very wrong thing to do) or he does still have some amount of interest in you. Either way – this is not enough for you to obsess over him and hurt yourself by hoping things can be fixed between you.

I suggest that you stop sending him messages or making an effort with him because he doesn’t deserve this from you especially since you did not do anything wrong in the first place. Give him his space. If he really does have feelings for you he will make an effort with you – he will call you, message you or speak to you the next time you see him and you will be the one to decide whether or not you still ant to fix things. You need to value yourself enough to stop allowing yourself to be hurt by him.

Good luck and God Bless!


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