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Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to find a divorce lawyer / attorney - What do you look for in a divorce lawyer / attorney

How do you find a good divorce lawyer? What do you need to consider when looking for a divorce lawyer or attorney? What are the skills or qualities I need to find in a divorce lawyer?

A divorce alone has many challenges and trials within it. One of these is finding a suitable lawyer to represent you in the process.

The following tips and pointers might help make your search a little easier.

1. Think about the specific skills or knowledge set you need from your attorney or lawyer.

- Children
If you have children, you will need a lawyer who is skilled and experienced in family law. Someone like this would be likely to take your children into consideration when making decisions.

- Abuse
If you were in an abusive relationship or your relationship is ending because of abuse, having an attorney or lawyer who has experience in domestic abusive or similar cases should be a great help.

- Infidelity
This is another major cause of divorce. If your lawyer or attorney sees things the same way you do regarding infidelity and can sympathise with you on some level this would work in your favour. If he or she is skilled or experienced in these cases it would make things a lot better for you.

2. Find someone with passion

- Is he or she divorced too?
If you have something in common with your lawyer or attorney this will definitely help you a great deal. Finding a lawyer who's gone through a divorce just like you have would be great for you. He or she will be passionate about the case and able to sympathise with you as they have an emotional connection to the whole thing. He or she knows what it feels like, what challenges you are facing and what you're going through and will thus be more dedicated to seeing a positive outcome in your case.

-Is he or she the same gender as you?
Sometimes it helps to get a male lawyer if you're male or a female one, if you're female. This gives him or her something more to relate with you on and it's almost like subconsciously he or she will feel like they need to stand up for you - like a girl power / brotherhood kinda thing.

- Was he or she in a similar situation (abuse, etc)?
Similar to finding a lawyer who is the same gender or has also been divorced, find one who's been in even more similar circumstances (also from an abusive relationship, has also been cheated on, also has children, etc). This is likely to be in your favour.

3. Look at your budget

Lawyers and attorneys  (unless free with your public system in your country) charge by the hour so be sure to use each minute and hour wisely.
- write down as much as you can before hand in order to remember everything you'd like to ask or discuss with him or her.
- focus on what you want to or need to know especially in the initial consultation
- take notes in each session in order to remember what was said in case everything is run through really fast. take a tape recorder with you or use your phone for recording each session if you can.

4. Ask around

- Friends and family
Divorce is in no way rare nowadays. People are getting divorced all the time. You should know at least a couple of friends or family members who have been through a divorce. These people would be able to help you with direct and trusted advice. There is nothing more power then word of mouth. They can also offer support as they know exactly what you're going through. Talk to these people.

- Online reviews
Google is useful for many things INCLUDING reviews. As mentioned, word of mouth is powerful, by looking at reviews you will get to see what real people think and have experienced with certain law firms or lawyers. Consider these.

- Support groups
Similar to family and friends, this group of people can be highly helpful in providing support and useful information. Look up support groups in your area as joining one could only prove beneficial to you during this trying time.

5. Trust

When you look for a lawyer or an attorney, look for someone you feel like you trust, click with or can relate with. He or she should communicate clearly with you ensuring that you feel safe and are comfortable or feel like you're guided every step of the way.

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