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Saturday, November 30, 2013

What does the fox say about relationships / responsibility?

Did you know that after having their babies, mothers remain with the kits for 2–3 weeks due to being unable to thermoregulate and during this time the fathers make frequent trips to the mothers and babies feeding the mothers.

Thinking about this on a human level, this goes to show that foxes instinctively know to take responsibility for parenting and to contribute to parenthood in some way. Learning from them it is easy to see that being a 'dead beat dad' is in no way the way to go. A foxes relationship with the mother of their 'babies' is to help out by providing for her when she can't do so for herself and also making her strong enough to look after the baby. In doing this they are also displaying love and affection towards the mother by showing that they care for her and what happens to her.

A further interesting fact worth noting is that If the mother dies before the kits are independent, the father takes over as their provider. This goes to show that there are 'single dads' when it comes to foxes too. This also further amplifies the fact that the fox shows distinct responsibility in looking after his own which is something we should all do.

Compiled based on information gathered from Wikipedia 
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