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Saturday, November 30, 2013

What does the fox say about being a father / boyfriend / husband?

An interesting fact in the 'Fox World' is that after birthing, mothers remain with the kits for 2–3 weeks because they are unable to thermoregulate. In this time, the fathers take on the role of feeding the mothers. In addition to this, if the mother dies before the kits are independent, the father takes over as their provider.

What this demonstrates to us is that father's have a role to play too when it comes to parenting. It's important to be there for the mother of your child to support her, help her where you can and strengthen her in able to make her strong enough to look after your child. It's also important to take responsibility for fathering a child. You should be able to take sole responsibility for the baby if the mother of your child is unable to and should be willing to do whatever it takes to play your part.

Compiled from information on Wikipedia

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