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Friday, November 29, 2013

What does High Maintenance mean in dating - High Maintenance

What is High maintenance? What does High Maintenance mean? What is a high maintenance girlfriend or boyfriend? What is a high maintenance relationship?

High maintenance when it comes to relationships is a term often used to describe a relationship or an individual. Although there are slight differences there are a lot of similiarities when using the term to describe the two.

Describing a relationship

A high maintenance relationship would be one that is either plagued with issues and fights or is challenging by nature. A challenging one would be one of long distance for example:

- It costs a lot of money to meet up with the other person or pay them a visit
-There are a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping a relationship going from a distance.
- temptation is high due to the fact that you can't physically be with the other person.
- Trust is a challenge due tot he fact that you know temptation is high and have to trust the other individual to remain faithful to you.

Describing an individual

A high maintenance individual would be one that is completely demanding.
- He or she requires your attention all the time.
- He or she requires money or gifts from you almost constantly in order to feel appreciated (or for any other reason).
- He or she is emotionally needy or clingy
- He or she is not happy with affordable gifts, dates or items but always wants the finest things, most expensive or highest quality.

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