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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why won't he / she accept my relationship request on Facebook? Why would my boyfriend / girlfriend not want to be tagged as in a relationship with me on Facebook?

Why won't he accept my relationship request? Why won't she accept my relationship request? My boyfriend / girlfriend won't accept my relationship request on Facebook, why? Why would my boyfriend / girlfriend not want to be tagged as in a relationship with me on Facebook?

There are numerous reasons why someone would behave in this manner. On many occasions you may know the answer in yourself but choose not to believe it or think about it almost as if in denial. The following are some of the most common reasons why your boyfriend or girlfriend may not want to be tagged as in a relationship with you on Facebook or any other social network.

The Negative Reasons

He or she is embarrassed of you
If your partner is embarrassed of you they may not want to be known to be in a relationship with you. They may feel uncomfortable with people knowing they're with you for various reasons (your appearance, race, age, etc). The bottom line is if someone is embarrassed to be with you or to let others know that they're with you - they don't deserve you and you're better off without them.

He or she is hiding you due to another relationship
If your partner is in a relationship already and you're the 'other girl or guy' whether you know it or not, they would be likely to avoid a relationship status on Facebook especially one that tags you into it. This is basically obvious - he or she would not be able to keep up their secret or two timing ways by tagging you into their relationship status.

He / she would like to keep his or her options open or has their eye on someone else
If your partner has a crush on someone else, he / she may not want them to find out that they in a relationship in hope that they can still get together with the other person. This is in noway fair to you and shouldn't happen in a sincere relationship.
This is similar to if your partner doesn't want to be tagged as in a relationship with you due to the fact that they want to keep their options open.

The Positive / 'Not so bad' Reasons

He or she is hiding you from family members or friends due to race, religion , etc
Sometimes the person you're with may not be embarrassed about you but may know that other people may disapprove of you and may want to avoid unnecessary drama, ridicule, tension or a fight. This may be because he or she is in a same-gender relationship with you, racial reasons, religion reasons, age reasons, etc. They may in a way be shielding you from negative reactions or protecting themselves from the same.
It's important to bare in mind through that if he or she can envision themselves spending forever with you they would need to let family and friends know about you at some time or the other. It is only if they see their relationship with you as only temporary, a phase or for the 'meantime' that they would be able to maintain hiding you from friends and family until the relationship ends. The more serious they are about your relationship the more likely they are to tell everyone about you - no matter the consequences.

He or she is not allowed to date
If you're partner is not allowed to date all together maybe because of bad grades at school or an age restriction implemented by his or her parents; in order to preserve your relationship and avoid conflict, he or she would not want to tag you into their relationship status if they thought it would lead to their parents or anyone else similar finding out.

he / she is not view the relationship as highly serious
If your partner feels like your not in a serious relationship, he/she would not see the need to have others know about the relationship. This could be adjusted or changed by making sure that you re both on the same page with regards to how serious your relationship is or how committed you are to each other. It could be a misunderstanding regarding the serious aspect of your relationship - one of you might see it as a fling and the other a more serious relationship in which you would need to discuss this in order to avoid pain and hurt the further the relationship goes on.

He or she doesn't want to jinx the relationship
Due to past hurt, experiences or relationships, your partner may feel that telling 'the world' about your relationship may jinx or doom it. This is a somewhat understandable fear as at times it may feel that way. He or she may want to avoid humiliation to friends and family members and having to explain reasons and everything else to everyone should things end or go bad between the two of you. He or she may be waiting to feel like things are a little more serious or concrete before taking a step like a Facebook tag.

He or she doesn't want to hurt someones feelings
If he or she feels like there is someone else that has feelings for them (maybe someone that has a crush on them or an ex who hasn't gotten over them yet) he/she may feel like they don't want to hurt his/her feelings by letting them know or see that they're now with someone else. This may appear unfair to you but is understandable for someone with a sensitive heart.

The best way to find out why your partner won't get tagged as in a relationship with you is to ASK THEM! There is no sure way of knowing without having a decent conversation and talking about it. Communication is of high importance in a relationship. You need to be able to communicate about EVERYTHING. The best way forward is to express your concerns to your partner as well as your thoughts and hear his/her side of things. If anything you'll gain more insight and understanding. If his or her reasons are more on the positive / not so bad side then they can be worked around and compromised on and if they're on the negative side you can make an informed decision on whether or not the relationship is actually worth it.
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