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Monday, November 4, 2013

Why did he / she delete or block me from Facebook?

My boyfriend deleted / blocked my from Facebook. My girlfriend deleted / blocked me from Facebook. My Ex blocked / deleted me from Facebook. What should I do? Why did he / she block or delete me from Facebook?

With social media taking a major role in many life's and coincidentally relationships, Facebook and interactions involved with it or rather on it seem to have a major impact on the way we perceive things.

Facebook gives us access to the life of another person. We feel like we are intimately involved in their every action and like we have a connection with them on some weird level. Being tagged as in a relationship with someone on Facebook is the ultimate achievement as its almost as if that person is so proud to have you in his or her life that they're demonstrating your relationship / showing it off to the whole world.

There are many reasons why someone would delete you or block you from Facebook. The following may be some of the biggest reasons why someone would delete or block you from Facebook or any other major social network.

1. He / She is hiding something from you

Sometimes people block or delete you in order to hide something from you. This is possibly the most obvious reason.
If he or she is in a relationship with someone else, has a child he or she doesn't want you to know about, is doing something you wouldn't approve of or agree with or is just plain secretive; the sure way of ensuring that you don't know what they're getting up to is by blocking or deleting you.

2. He / She wants to eliminate you from his or her life

The hardest part of a break up is sometimes moving on. It can be hard to attempt being friends with someone you've once shared love with and it's due to this that many often resort to completely deleting an ex from their lives. This would include cutting all ties with them and eliminating all forms of communication including on social networks like Facebook.

By doing this he or she could be protecting you from seeing them happy with someone else as well as preventing you from hurting yourself trying to fix a relationship they feel is over. By eliminating you it's almost an aim to force you to go on with your life.

3. He / She doesn't want to see you move on 

Just as hard as it may be for you to watch the one you love with someone else, he or she may feel exactly the same. By deleting and blocking you they're protecting themselves from watching you enjoy your life without them, date or be with other people and move on with your life. It allows him or her to be able to heal without seeing you happy without them.

4. He / She is hiding you from someone else

If he or she doesn't want someone else or other people to know about you he or she might hide their Facebook or other social network profile from you or delete or block you from it.
Maybe he or she is in a relationship with someone else, married, or has a family that wouldn't approve of you (for any reason - cultural, racial, age, etc). They may then want to hide you from their social network circles in order to live an almost double life.

Please note that just because you may be on someones Facebook and they seem to be legit, it doesn't mean that all is well. There are many out there who have fake profiles, multiple profiles or pretend to be someone they aren't on platforms such as Facebook - so be careful.

Although many may view social networks as being 'just for fun' or a 'form of entertainment', for many its a demonstration or symbol of your life and how you live it. Pay close attention to things like Facebook. Have your eyes wide open, don't be naive and don't let yourself be fooled - ever.

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