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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Long Distance Relationships: Meeting for the first time / saying goodbye

Are there any cute, sweet or romantic videos of long distance relationship couples meeting for the first time? Are there videos of Long Distance Relationship Couples saying goodbye? Where can I find some sweet, romantic or sad Long Distance Relationship couples videos?

Hello's and goodbyes are the most moving parts of Long Distance Relationships. The sweetest and saddest moments come with these two words. After the physical absence of the one you love for a long period of time, the feeling of meeting him or her can be overwhelming. The same can be said for the feeling of physically meeting someone you've been in a Long Distance Relationship or online Relationship with for a long period for the first time. The sadness in saying goodbye to the very same person when it's time to part ways once again can be horrendous and sad.

This post contains videos from couples in Long Distance Relationships meeting for the first time or after a long period as well as saying goodbye.

Romantic / Sad Videos of Long Distance Relationship couples meeting for the first time and Saying Goodbye

The Beautiful Hello's

Me and my Long Distance boyfriend - First Meeting

Meeting my amazing girlfriend for the first time

Long Distance Relationship: Meeting for the first time

The Saddest Goodbye's

Leaving My Girl

Day 10: Airport Goodbye

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