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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dating as a single mom: Single Mom Dating Advice

Is it possible to date as a single mom? Is it possible to date with a baby? How do you date with a baby? Are there any guys who would date someone with a baby / child?

Dating is a challenge. It's a daunting task for any single individual. Throw a baby or child in the mix and it's bound to become ten times more complex.

Complex it will be but not at all impossible. The important thing to remember is that your child always comes first. Anyone who's not willing to accept or value your child as much as you do is not worth a minute of your time.

1. Don't keep your child a secret

Don't out off telling your potential partner about your child. If you feel like you have to hide your child or keep him or her a secret because you don't think your potential partner will be thrilled about the idea, the he or she is not worth it. Your child should come first.

2. Limit exposure age appropriately

If your child is a baby probably younger than 18 months then it doesn't really matter. Obviously you don't wanna leave him or her with someone you're not sure that you could trust but having him or her around your potential date couldn't really do much harm or cause much confusion. A toddler or over child could get very confused especially if your relationships don't last long.

3. Don't substitute your child's time 

If you're a working mom and the only real time you get with your child is weekends don't spend all of this with your dates or potential partners. This wouldn't be fair to your child and could damage your relationship with them in the long run.

4. Don't put your child at risk

Don't leave your child alone with anyone until you can fully trust them. Trust takes time. Build it first. Even then, ALWAYS believe your child until things are proven otherwise.

5. If you have to choose; choose your child.

Don't ever let your child feel like you're choosing someone else over him /her.

Keep these in mind and dating as a single mom need not be as scary as it could be.

If you have any other tips or ideas which may prove helpful to other single mom's please do post them below :)
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