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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Every girl needs a guy who will save her: Thought for the day

There's a perfectly good reason for the popularity of the term "Knight in shining armour".

Every girl needs to find that one guy who will run to her aid and save her.
Save her from herself, her issues, her past.. just save her. 
Someone who will fly to her rescue at any given time no matter the day or hour.
Someone who will make her feel special, precious and wanted.
Someone who will make her feel like a princess. 
Someone who will know all about her problems and what she's been through and still accept her and love her and protect her from history ever repeating itself. 
Someone who will resent everyone who ever hurt her in disbelief that they couldn't appreciate the precious jewel that he now cherishes.

Don't ever feel like you are damaged goods because you're a princess and every princess gets her prince charming and knight in shining armour in the end. 

Be brave. Be Strong. Be patient. And keep your head up.
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