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Monday, March 30, 2015

How do you love again after being hurt: How to let your guard down

The hardest thing in life relationship wise is gathering the strength to Love Again after you've been hurt.
It's hard to find the courage and confidence to give yourself to someone else after being in an abusive relationship. Depending on the extent of your past relationship you might feel ugly, worthless, unworthy of love, damaged and broken. Your self esteem may be shattered. You might find yourself looking in the mirror critical of what you see. 

Every insult and hurtful word you heard swung in your direction scars. You might worry about whether or not the next person will understand.

What if they treat you the same way? What if you aren't good enough? What if your Ex was right?

The devil is a liar. You aren't worthless. You aren't ugly or stupid or as low as your Ex made you feel. It was all lies.

It is possible to love again. It's hard to let your guard down but the right person will give you the time and patience you need and deserve. They will help you through it. They will make it all possible. They will make it impossible for you to not love again.

Yes it will be hard but you will get there.

The one thing to remember when coming out of a bad relationship is that it will be a whole easier to spot a good one. You'll appreciate and value it more. You will be genuinely happy.

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off and don't give up on LOVE. It's out there waiting for you. You deserve it <3
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