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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Does my ex miss me - 5 Signs you should forget about your ex

Should I forget about my ex and move on? Is my ex over me completely? Is there any hope for me and my ex? Does my ex still have feelings for me? Does he / she miss me?

Relationships hurt. Many think love hurts but the truth is, true love can't hurt unless either one of you dies. If it hurts for any other reason then it wasn't true love - it was probably one sided.
Break-ups happen all the time for many reasons. Sometimes they're a big mistake and sometimes they aren't.

If you think that either you or your ex made a mistake breaking up then there's a chance that it's regretted and may be able to be fixed. Sometimes we make decisions on the spur of the moment, while angry or to prove a point and later regret them.

It's important to remember that in order for a relationship to work it needs to be wanted equally from both parties. If one of the two don't want it as much or want it at all then the relationship obviously can't work and it's best to move on before hurting yourself any further.

Below are a few signs that your want for the relationship may be one sided:

1. Your ex doesn't make an effort or show any signs of remorse.
If you've been trying to arrange meet ups with your ex, trying to show him / her that you're a better person or that you'd like to fix your relationship but see no effort or attempts being made by your ex for the same, chances are that he / she is over the relationship and sees no point in trying.

2. Your ex hasn't tried to make contact with you.
If you're the only one making contact with your ex: calling, texting, skyping, emailing etc or making the initial contact and there is nothing but replies from your ex; he or she may not be interested in maintaining a relationship with you never mind trying to fix your romantic relationship.

3. Your ex seems happy with someone else.
You know what your ex seems like genuinely happy. No matter how bad your relationship may have been there must have been occasions where you were genuinely happy together even if it was only right at the beginning of your relationship. If you see that happiness in your ex while with someone else whether through bumping into him / her or seeing photos on social media sites, chances are he / she has moved on and is happier with the new person. It's hard to come between a relationship where everything seems rosy. Your ex is bound to see the past hurt in your relationship as being ten times worse if he's happy in his current relationship (even if it is just the honeymoon phase).

4. Your ex seems cold towards you.
An ex who is trying to get back into your good books or thinking about making things work or fixing things is more likely to be friendly, helpful and do you additional favours instead of giving you the cold shoulder. Giving you the cold shoulder is almost a sure sign that he or she would like to cut you out of his / her life completely.

5. Your ex seems satisfied whether or not you're in his or her life.
If your ex couldn't care less whether you are in or out of his life then this is definitely not the type of relationship you want to fix anyway. A good relationship is one where you both matter tremendously to each other. Your presence should make a difference. You shouldn't just be a feature in the others life.

Please note that all of the factors mentioned above are generalizations. There is always the exception to the rule. No two relationships are the same.
If you would like more in-detail help or information please comment with your story below and I will try and help as best I can.

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