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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Signs that your ex is over you / has moved on

Is my ex over me? Does my ex still have feelings for me? Is there still hope? Does my ex still love me?
Broken Hearted girl

So many times we may miss our exes so badly and wish to get back together with them but not be certain whether or not they feel the same. There is nothing worse than hoping that you can fix things with an ex but not knowing whether or not he/she still has feelings for you or wants you back.

There are many signs that will let you know whether or not your ex is over you or if there is still love between the two of you. It’s important to keep an open mind and know that you can tell whether or not you still stand a chance with your ex if you pay enough attention.

The following are sure signs that your ex has moved on from your relationship and that maybe you should do the same.

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My Ex hasn’t tried to make contact

If you’ve been broken up for more than a couple of weeks and your ex hasn’t tried to contact you in any way, chances are it’s because he/she might not be thinking about you or missing you (yet).

If you and your ex decided to be friends or keep contact after the break up then this sign will not be relevant. If you didn’t decide on keeping contact and maybe stopped talking for a while after the break-up then this sign should be taken into consideration.


*Sometimes some people take longer than others to start missing someone.
*He/she might have a big ego or may be drowning in pride making it hard for him/her to make contact.
*He/she might be in denial or waiting for you to make the first move.

Most of the time though, none of these are the case. Even if your partner is filled with pride, if he/she really has feelings for you he/she would put that all aside and make contact. If it’s been at least a month or longer and you still haven’t heard from your ex then chances are he/she has moved on.

My Ex doesn’t show remorse or regret

If your ex shows absolutely no regret or remorse for what went wrong in your past relationship or how things ended (or doesn't even regret the fact that you broke up) then your ex probably doesn’t view it as important because he/she has moved on.

When you speak to your ex you need to hear or feel a sense of regret in his/her tone. Even if the ending of the relationship wasn’t only his/her fault he/she should show regret for the fact that you’re not together anymore. 

Your ex should show that he/she regrets that you’re relationship came to an end. If he/she did do something wrong in the relationship, your ex should show that he/she’s sorry for what they did and maybe say or in some way suggest that they wish things didn’t turn out the way they did.


If you’re not talking at the moment then you will need to find other ways of knowing whether or not your ex has any remorse or regrets for the situation. You will be able to find this out by speaking to or getting some of your friends to talk to your ex in order to find out how he/she may feel about the break up.

My Ex doesn’t bring me or our relationship up

In order to know whether or not your ex falls into this sign you might need to do a little asking around. If you have any mutual friends or can get one of your friends to talk to your exes friends (if you don’t want to do it yourself) you’ll be able to figure this one out.

You need to find out whether or not your ex mentions or speaks about you or your past relationship in any kind of way. If your ex just finds reason to speak about you or your past relationship then it’s clear that you're still on his/her mind. Without even having to say something about regret or missing you, just speaking about you shows that he/she hasn’t completely moved on from the relationship or you yet.

If your ex says things like he/she misses you, regrets the break-up or wishes you were still together in conjunction to talking about you a lot or at all, it’s clear that he/she hasn’t moved on yet.

My ex is dating other people

If you’re ex is with someone else and everyone else including you can tell that he/she seems happy then that’s a definite sign that it’s over.

Another clue would be that if you meet up with your ex (bump into him/her, have a random conversation on the phone, etc.) he/she mentions how happy he/she is or that he/she is so happy with their new love and would like you to meet their new partner.

You should definitely see any of these as a major sign that your ex has moved on.

My Ex treats me like a friend
The way your ex treats you after the break up is really worth noting.
If your ex treats you exactly the same way he/she does their other friends then you should definitely take note. There is no worse place to be then in the friends’ zone.

Look at the way your ex acts around you, talks to you or behaves around you. If it seems like you’re friends and nothing more than chances are that’s exactly what you are and your ex has moved on.

In contrary to being treated like a friend, in most cases if your ex still has feelings for you and you bump into each other you should feel a sense of awkwardness from your ex if he/she still has feelings for you.

The awkwardness could be from the fact that you have a past together but in most cases it’s due to the fact that your ex sill has feelings for you and is thus not sure how to act around you.

Your ex might also be so accustomed to being/behaving like your boyfriend/girlfriend that he/she doesn’t know how else to behave around you and that’s why things feel completely awkward.

Relationships end for various reasons. Sometimes we break hearts and sometimes our hearts get broken. The important thing is to realise when a relationship is over and be strong enough to move on.

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