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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Poem about Long Distance Relationship / Meeting online / Online Relationships

Why do I trust this man so much?
This man who I barely know.
He tells me these things and I believe him.
I hang onto each word that he says.
How do I feel such a connection to this stranger whom I’ve never met?
I want to share my thoughts with him. My fears. My frustrations.
I run to him with my problems. I complain to him. I cry to him. I seek comfort from him. Motivation and compassion.
And he provides it.
Bit by bit this man builds me up. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh. He makes me believe.
It’s unbelievable how he makes me believe again.
How can I bare myself completely to someone who’s never ever seen me naked?
I wake up with him on my mind and fall asleep with him there too.
He’s constantly in my thoughts in all that I do.
I speak to him nonstop. He’s a part of my ‘to do list’.
Why do I need constant attention from him?
Why do I feel so close to someone who I’m literally miles apart from?
How do I not feel the distance?
Why does it feel like I can hold his hand in mine… touch my lips to his…?
How is it possible that I don’t know him and yet I feel like I’ve known him all my life? I feel like I can be open with him. I feel like I can trust him with my life. With my heart…

How is it possible that we are two completely separate individuals and yet we share a heart?
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