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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thought for the day: All good things must come to an end

There can be nothing further from the truth.
I guess this applies to certain things: vacations, concerts, awesome weather; but apply this to love and it couldn’t be further off.
Fake love, lust and infatuation come to an end – the honey moon phase ends, the infatuation dies out, boredom sets in, true colors show etc. Real love. True love, never dies. My parents (like so many other blessed couples) are proof of that. They have been married for over 30 years. I’ve been in there household long enough to see that everything isn’t all rosey. They have their mood swings, arguments, grumpy moments and blue-days but at the end of it all they ‘kiss and make up’ and life goes on and they live ‘happily ever after’. They are my example of a perfect relationship. They’re inseparable. After all these years they still hold hands in public (and in secret) say “I Love You” (after ever phone call too), kiss each other goodbye every time one leaves and have never had either sleep on the couch. Maybe their the exception to the rule in this fast paced world we live in but they give me and many encouragement that that “imperfect and yet perfect” love really is out there somewhere.
Real love doesn’t come to an end.

You might argue that at the end of it all one of the individuals will pass away and one will be left and the love will be over – this too I can argue to disagree with. Besides the fact that numerous couples die together all the time (accidents, broken hearts – one after the other etc) love doesn’t die. When you truly love someone and have that love returned it’s forever. In the unfortunate even that one should pass away, the other will continue loving that one until the day that they join them especially if they had an extremely long term relationship and were blessed enough to only lose each other at a really old age.
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