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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Marriage advice in three words: #MarriageAdviceIn3Words

Trending topic: #MarriageAdviceIn3Words 

Before considering marriage many are more than happy to throw in their ten cents worth when it comes to providing premarital advice to the almost wedded couple. Some advice sticks, some disappears and fades away and some lasts for ever. Some of the advice is completely worth forgetting straight after hearing it while others are so valuable that they should be embedded in your relationship and remembered forever.

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Without providing a long essay on valuable marriage advice, 3 words is more than enough to sum up some of the most valuable bits of advice:

  1. Be Sure First.
    Don't make the decision to get married until you are sure you want to do it. It is due to impulsive decisions and "mistakes" that many marriages see themselves in the divorce courts.
  2. Mean your vows.
    Take them seriously. If you don't value them or see their importance, your marriage will be pointless.
  3.  Don't cheat... EVER.
    Cheating is likely to be one of the most detrimental offenses in any relationship. It destroys the trust and relationship and can seldom be repaired.
  4. You need communication.
    Without communication, misunderstandings often arise, drifting apart usually occurs and problems are bound to appear.
  5. A Higher Power.
    Marriage is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. You're two completely separate individuals coming together as one. You may have lots in common and even similar personality traits but you're still individuals and as such you need to work together. With it being one of the hardest things ever, you will need God as a higher power to help you along. If you don't believe in God believe in the fact that Whoever created you can help your relationship work if you trust Him. Trust Him together as a couple and believe together - it will be one of the biggest things to help you draw closer together especially when you feel like you may be drifting a part.
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