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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Baby at 8 weeks pregnant: Video and Images

How big is my baby at 8 weeks pregnant? How developed is my 8 week old fetus / embryo? How big is my 8 week old fetus / embryo? Does my 8 week old fetus / embryo have hands?

8 weeks pregnant - Baby Center
According to Baby Center, a reliable information source, at 8 weeks pregnancy, your baby's size should be in comparison to that of a kidney bean. He / she is developing little webbed fingers and toes and little breathing tubes are extending to his / her lungs. Brain cells are also developing - proof that you're hosting a little person.

Your baby is still too tiny for you to be feeling any movement but that doesn't usually stop us from having our imaginations run wild. That little flutter in your stomach may not necessary be the baby moving - but we can always imagine, right? You may be experiencing fatigue, exhaustion and nausea. This can be attributed to the change in hormones.

Baby at 8 weeks pregnant: Video

For more information visit the Baby Center website - 8 weeks pregnant page
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