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Thursday, November 12, 2015

How soon / early can I take a pregnancy test?

Is it too early to take a home pregnancy test? How long do I need to wait before taking a pregnancy test? When can I take a pregnancy test? How reliable are home pregnancy tests?

Some pregnancy tests do determine pregnancy as early as 5 days BEFORE your missed period. It is important to note though that home pregnancy tests aren't 100% accurate.

Also, the further along in a pregnancy you are, the more accurate the test is likely to be: so for example, a test taken at 6 weeks pregnant will be more accurate then one taken at a week or two of pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Test - Clearblue

Different brands of pregnancy tests also differ in accuracy. ClearBlue is a top reliable brand with high accuracy of over 99% accurate.

Be sure to check the box of the home test kit to find out the percentage of accuracy before purchasing it. You may also want to buy more than one to confirm a test result.

The most accurate form of pregnancy test is a blood test. These can be done at a clinic or doctors office. They usually take a couple of days to get the results back but you can be sure that you won't get a false positive or false negative result.

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