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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Unsupervised visits for babies: Parenting Legal Advice

Can my ex get unsupervised visits with our baby? At what age do unsupervised visits start? How can I prevent my ex from getting unsupervised visits with our baby? 

My daughter has a 5 month old baby.
She wasn't married and the father left when she was 3 months pregnant. Now after all this time he wants to see her.
He is a drug addict and I'm sure he is going to disappear again after a while. But I still want to know what visitation is likely to be allowed by the court.

Please help I'm going out of my mind

Hi there

**Please note that I AM NOT a legal adviser but will advise you as best I can based on research and experience. Please contact a legal representative for confirmation and further information.**

I'm really sorry that you're going through this right now.
The first thing I would advise is that your daughter goes to the court ASAP and apply for a parenting plan. 

Is the baby's fathers name on the birth certificate? If it IS NOT then he will need to first prove that he is that father by getting the court to order a paternity test before he can demand visits which buys your daughter some time.

If his name is on the birth certificate then your daughter cannot withhold visitation without reason. She needs to go to the court for a parenting plan like I said but pending the parenting plan because they sometimes take some time after u apply, she needs to go to the police station getting an affidavit that she's waiting for a parenting plan from the court for visitation which she's already applied for. This she needs to keep with her as it will hopefully protect her until the parenting plan comes.

She needs to keep all proof showing that he's a drug addict (I know this might be hard) - any text messages, emails or Facebook posts, etc. mentioning or demonstrating drug or alcohol abuse might help too. This she will need for when she states why she wants him to have limited contact with the baby or supervised visits only.

Please try and get legal advice - the court can get you a legal representative for free as well or online there are attorneys and lawyer that work ProBono if you can't afford it. They might be able to help more.

Good luck and God Bless!!
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