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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

10 things to look for in a boyfriend: How to tell if he would make a good boyfriend

What should I look for in a boyfriend? What are some good qualities that a boyfriend should have? What are some important qualities for a boyfriend to have?

There are a million things to look for in a prospective partner. Opinions and thoughts differ among individuals. This post contains some of the most highly ranked and needed qualities in a prospective boyfriend.

Qualities to look for in a boyfriend:

1. Treats you with respect.
- He should never disrespect you, belittle you or abuse you (physically or emotionally)

2. Protects you with his life.
- He should go out of his way to always make sure that you are safe. If you feel like he would ditch you and run at the first sight of danger, then I think you should definitely reconsider his position in your life.

3. Cares about where you are or who you're with.
- You do not need an overly obsessive, possessive or controlling boyfriend BUY he should at least show interest in your life and what you do on a daily basis.

4. Makes you feel like you matter
- You should be able to feel that even if you don't matter to anyone else you matter and are important to at least one person - him. If you feel like you mean nothing to him then chances are you're right.

5. Maturity to the level of commitment.
- If he is still looking to mess around with numerous other people or doesn't show the same level of 'want' for commitment to you then don't waste your time. Many people think that they can change their boyfriends mentality but they are sadly mistaken. The only person who can change someone is them.

6. How he treats his mother.
- Look at the way he speaks to, speaks about and treats his mother. if he is rude and disrespectful, chances are he will treat you the same way one time or another.

7. Someone to talk to / who can hold a conversation.
- If you run out of things to say to your boyfriend in 30 minutes or less of conversation then you may not be a good match. Being comfortable in conversation is quite important. Even if you run out of stuff to say to each other, you should be able to feel a comfortable silence. you should be able to enjoy each others company without saying a word WITHOUT feeling any weirdness or awkwardness.

8. Someone who's sweet or romantic (even a little).
- You don't need to be waiting around for a modern Romeo but he should at least be considerate and caring. he should show interest in your feelings, your health and your well-being. He should comfort you when you're feeling low or sick. if he can get you some roses or serenade you even better but the little tings - like caring are just as worthwhile.

9. Someone with a great personality.
- No-one wants a constantly sulky, moody or grumpy individual. Does he take his frustrations out on you? Is he always in a bad mood or rude with everyone he comes in contact with? Is he generally a mean person? Chances are that you should definitely stay c;ear of him.

10. No signs of abuse.
Abuse is very real in the world today. it is not just something we hear about or see in the movies anymore. Woman are abused on the regular or entrapped in abusive relationships. It's harder to get out than it is to avoid an abusive relationship all together. Look for the signs that the relationship may not progress well or healthily and at sight of any sign no matter how small - run for the hills.
Signs of a possibly abusive nature:
- Short tempered
- Pressurizes you into anything
- Extremely rude
- Hurts you physically in anyway

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