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Monday, December 28, 2015

5 Reasons why you should date a Single Mom / Mother: Advantages to dating a single mom

Is it okay to date a single mom?  Is dating a single mother hard? Are there any reasons why it is better to date a single mother? What are the advantages of dating a single mother?

There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. It is crucial that you look at the pros and cons to everything before making any decisions ESPECIALLY ones which involve other people (a child for example).

*Read  "Challenges to dating a single mom" as well.

Advantages / the positive side of dating a single mother:

  1. Generally, single moms are very responsible and independent.
    There is always the exception to the rule, and all single moms aren't the same. In most cases though. a single mom who has been supporting her child independently and solely will be more responsible, self sufficient and independant. She is able to make ends meet on her own without relying on another individual for emotional or financial support. Unless you have your eye on someone who seems to be looking for someone to support their child financially (asking you for money, asking you to pay certain bills, etc) it should be clear that she is perfectly capable of taking care of her own.
    Dating a single mom like this will give you peace of mind that you are not falling victim to a 'gold digger'.
  2. They are generally mature.Excluding the few exceptions, a single mother will usually be very mature. She is a mother to a little person and thus won't have time to be a baby herself. There should be less "tantrums", nagging and immature behavior.
  3. They have goals and determination.
    A single mother is likely to have plans and goals. In planning for her child's future; she has long term goals and works hard to reach them. She is less likely to have childish spending habits or to be indecisive.
  4. They know what they don't want - and thus what they want.
    In most cases, single mothers have had their fair share of bad relationships. This and or the fact that they are considering the best interest of their child, they will be less likely looking to have a fling but more likely to want to settle down with one person. A break-up with you would mean a break-up for the child as well if he or she forms a bond with you or any kind of relationship. The mother won't want to put their child through more turmoil or confusion.
    In the same way, if you are just looking to have a fling then a single mother is probably not the best person for you to consider dating (for the sake of the child as well).
    Having had bad past relationships, single moms will also be more likely to know what it is they are looking for in a partner or relationship. This makes the chances of a short lived relationship or - "this wasn't what I wanted / I've changed my mind", situations less likely.
  5. They don't have time to mess around on you.
    When they aren't with you, a responsible single mother is more likely to be at home with her children, spending time with them or seeing to their needs. There would likely be slimmer a chance that she would be out partying up a storm or cheating on you.
Being a single mom is not easy. A lot goes into balancing parenting and a personal relationship. As a single parent things become ten times harder. What a single mother needs is an understanding partner who is willing to be with her all the way. There are challenges to dating a single mom too but they can be worked around and dealt with.

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