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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Should I block my ex on social media? - Why I blocked my ex

Should I block my ex on social Media? Should I remain friends with my ex on social media? My ex keeps checking my online profiles; what should I do?

Love is crazy. It makes people do things they know they shouldn't be doing. It makes them hurt themselves or the ones they love when they know it could be avoidable. Breakups take some time to get over. For some people it may take a couple of weeks or a few months. For a select few people, it may take years. And for a rare few, it may take FOREVER.

A break up leaves a wound, and like any wound, it needs time to heal. Usually when u leave a wound alone it eventually heals. If you keep picking at it; it takes longer to heal or doesn't heal at all.
Social media is sometimes the salt to the wounds left from a break up. We use social media to "spy" on our exes. We look at pictures of them or what they're getting up to in life, their new families, and their new jobs. We constantly remind ourselves in the same way it would be picking a wound or rubbing salt in it. By doing that, we can never heal. We make sure that we don't heal.

I blocked my ex from my major social media profiles: LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook because I became aware that he was "spying". And I know he wanted me to know because he used LinkedIn knowing that I would be sent a notification informing me of his visits. I did this for the following reasons:

- We've been broken up for 3 and a half years!!! If we're still "spying" on each other there must be a serious problem.
- He has a new family and I didn't think it was fair on his child or her mother that he would be spying on me; his ex.
- I needed to move on and seeing him pop up in my notifications every couple of months wasn't doing me any good.
- There was obviously no way we could fix things or end up together.

Maybe knowing that your ex still thinks about you makes your heart flutter a little. Maybe it puts a little smile on your face and sends a 1000 memories flooded across your mind. But at the end of the day, you can't move forward still looking in the rear-view mirror.
It may be the hardest thing ever to block or delete someone you care about but sometimes it's the only thing you can do.

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