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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Single mom motivation: Being a single mom means working twice as hard

As a single mom you may face many challenges among these and
probably one of the biggest is making ends meet financially. Most single moms
don't get financial support from the children’s "fathers" and are
forced to have to struggle to make ends meet alone. 

As a single mother
I strive to work hard. I want my son to have EVERYTHING he could ever need or
want without finances being an issue. If there is something I've got to say
"NO" to it should be because it isn't good for him or he's being
punished for bad behaviour not because I can't afford it. I want him to go to
the best schools, have the best in technology, take part in the activities,
sports and hobbies he prefers and visit the places he'd love to see without any
financial constraints. I want him to have more with me as a single mother than
some children have with both parents. I want my sons life to be so enriched
that he doesn't even miss the fact that his parents are together - I can't
afford it because it's hard being a single mom - are the words that will never
leave my mouth.

The only way to
ensure that my child has the best is to work hard, prioritise and ensure that
my son and I are financially stable without relying on anyone else for help or

Single mothers are
strong. They are brave. God never gives us challenges he won’t help us through
- Trust HIM.

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