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Monday, October 10, 2016

When do babies start walking?

When do babies start walking? Is it too soon for my child to start walking? Should my child be walking already? Is it a concern that my child is not walking yet?

As with all other milestones, it is important to remember that all babies are different. There obviously does come a point when you should become concerned if it seems like your child has missed a milestone by far or seems to not be developing proper,y but for as far as possible try not to compare your child with other children or even his or her siblings at his or her age. All children develop at their own pace.

That being said, some babies walk as early as at 9 months while others take a little longer an may start walking at 18 months only. If you are concerned at any stage it is always best to contact your child's doctor or paediatrician for further insight and investigation. If your child seems to be slow on walking but is at least making another means of getting around - scooting, crawling, etc then it shouldn't be much of a concern until they pass the 18 month mark. If your doctor confirms that your child has nothing physically wrong with him or her but that he or she is just taking their time then that's awesome and you have less to stress about.
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