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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of online dating

What is online dating? What are the advantages of it? Are there any disadvantages? Is online dating safe?

When considering trying out online dating many questions and thoughts may flood your mind. You may wonder if online dating is safe. If free online dating is just as good as paid for online dating and if either of them is actually worth it.

The process of online dating is basically to allow you to meet new people from the comfort of your own space.
There are many advantages and disadvantages to online dating.
Advantages of online dating
  *  You don’t have to leave your home or even your bed to meet someone new.

  *  There are numerous free online dating sites so it wouldn’t cost you much.
  *  Due to scientific match-making systems you can meet and interact with people who have similar interests.
*    You might get bored with the people you usually meet in bars / clubs or at school / work and will thus be able to meet someone completely different.

*     If you're a work-a-holic or study a lot and don't get to go out and meet a lot of people then this might be a great way for you to still fit love into your busy schedule.

*    Online dating makes it possible for there to be a match for everyone. There are no restrictions on ages, gender, race, looks, disabilities, etc.

*    If you are shy you don’t need to worry about all the stresses of first impressions until you know the other person well enough to meet up. By then you'd probably feel comfortable with the person and the first date won't be as stressful or awkward.

*    You don’t need to worry about dressing up and you have the advantage of ample time to think out and formulate perfect answers during conversations (before replying).

*    You can modify searches to meet people who are ‘your type’ ( these vary from dating site to dating site ).

*    Making friends is always an option. Almost all online dating sites come off as dating and friendship sites so even if you don't hook up with a particular person there is always that possibility of getting to know someone new and adding another friend to your friendship circle.

*     Online dating allows you the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world due to the popularity of it. Long distance relationships/friendships can be formed from it. 
Disadvantages of online dating
·    As with almost everything, online dating is not always 100% safe (especially if you seize to carry out some important online dating guidelines)

·    People aren’t always who they say they are – Be open minded until you really know the person.
·    Some people might only say what they think you wanna hear (thus lacking honesty).

·    Others might not be completely honest with you and be in a relationship or even married while pretending to be single.

It’s clear to see that the disadvantages of online dating are often circled around dishonestly with from some of the people you might meet or come in contact with. With regards to this, by following simple safety guidelines and keeping an open mind you will be able to interact with the larger percentage of honest people who take online dating seriously and are actually really looking to make some good connections with people.

The advantages do outweigh the disadvantages (due to the fact that the disadvantages can be avoided) and if you keep this in consideration you could have a great time (and maybe even meet the love of your life) through online dating.

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