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Thursday, June 16, 2011

'Am I still in love with my ex' quiz

A break-up can be extremely painful especially when time goes by and you realize that you still have feelings for your ex or that you want him or her back.

You may feel that you're over your ex but your actions may say otherwise. Take the following quiz to know for sure.

  1. Do you still speak to him/her?

  2. Yes
    I don't have his/her number

  3. Do you still hang out together?

  4. Yes - a lot
    No - Never
    Yes - We share the same friends

  5. Are you dating anyone else?

  6. Yes
    Not officially
    A few people

  7. Do you remember your ex on his/her birthday?

  8. Sometimes
    All the time
    I can't even remember when his/her birthday is

  9. Do you call or text your ex for his/her birthday?

  10. Sometimes
    All the time
    I can't even remember when his/her birthday is

  11. Do you make contact on Christmas, New years day or any other holiday to wish him/her well?

  12. Yes
    No - Never
    It depends

  13. Do you still remember him/her on your former anniversary?

  14. Yes
    I forgot the date

  15. Do you sometimes think about him/her when you're with someone else (on a date, hanging out etc)

  16. Yes - A lot
    Yes - Once in a while
    Yes - But only for a split second or two
    No - Never

  17. Do you sometimes think about him/her when your current partner (or date) upsets you

  18. Yes I sometimes think how he/she wouldn't do something that way
    Yes I sometimes think about how much better he/she was
    Yes I sometimes think about him/her to cheer me up
    No I don't

  19. Do you sometimes call (almost call) someone else by your ex's name

  20. Yes - I have called someone by his/her name before
    No - I've never done either one
    Yes - I've almost called someone by his/her name
    No - I've never been out with anyone else

  21. Who suggested the break up?

  22. My ex brought it up and I agreed
    I brought it up and my ex agreed
    I brought it up and my ex wanted us to fix things
    My ex brought it up and I wanted us to fix things

  23. When you think about your ex, you:

  24. Smile
    Cry (or are upset) because you miss him/her
    Shake your head in disbelief that you actually dated him/her
    I never think about my ex

  25. If you saw your ex kissing someone else it would:

  26. Make me think 'oh well you can have him/her. I don't need that anymore...'
    Make me happy that he/she's happy without me and has finally moved on
    Really upset me. I don't know how I'd re-act
    not bother me at all. I wouldn't care much

  27. Have you had any dreams about your ex since the break-up?

  28. Yes - I dreamt we were still together
    Yes - I dreamt we made-up
    No - I never do
    Yes - I never stopped dreaming about him/her

  29. If your ex asked you to give your relationship another shot, your first re-action would be:

  30. Definately
    I'd tell him/her that I need to think about it
    I'd be so happy :)

Remember, the higher your score the more you are in love with your ex!
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  1. I hate to know im still in love with you. After all the wrong you did to me i still love you like the first day i met you. Its hard to hear youre with someone else. Its so easy for you to move on... You dont know how much i wish i could do the same.

  2. After almost 2 years I'm still in love with you. I messed up things and I still can't come to forgive myself... your with someone else but I still remember the last time I saw you :) you looked so beautiful. I miss you so damn much..


  3. You'll always be my everything.. Even if I'm your nothing.. I'd give my anything to be your something.

  4. I'm still in love with you. I always have been. Never have I doubted our relationship, and I should have made that more known to you. Now, because of such good and wonderful times with just you, I can't imagine myself in anyone else's arms. You just ended it, and I am in fear that you're sharing those wonderful times with someone else or worse, that you're forgetting our romantic past. I want to fix things. Everyone can love again. We used to be such fighters, and so proud of how strong we were and that we never gave up - and I just ask, why are you doing this then?
    I'll always love you, but in defence of my dignity, I won't ever let you know.

  5. I always loved you
    sadly I misunderstood you a lot
    I realize I had chances but I blew them...
    now you're happy with someone more better and stronger than me...
    wish I can move on but I chose not to since my fear is you seeing me with someone else...
    my fear is to forget about you and no longer dream about you
    but you moved on because I was always selfish...
    I asked for your forgiveness but they were all excuses...
    am happy for you
    I accept defeat and I understand being alone is my destiny
    because you were my blessing and I was too damn ignorant to realize it...
    Now I wish you a take care because I truly care about YOU...
    Take Care

  6. We all end up hurting... Must go on someday. But not today.


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